12 “Must-See” Kids Costumes and Where to Find Them

Now that October has begun and Halloween is inching closer, we’ve been on the lookout for great costume articles and photo galleries to share with our readers.  Well, we came across this one from iVillage with 12 excellent costumes for kids of all ages – and one for the family dog too!  Here are the costumes featured in this post:

1.    Baby Donald Trump – The Donald might not quite be a Gangster, but the suit is pretty close.  We know he enjoys Golf too…
2.    Child Batman Costume – Plenty of Dark Knight choices for Infants, Toddlers and Up.
3.    A Dog Superhero – and here’s a Kids Robin Costume just in case you need a sidekick
4.    The Wee Wild West Cowboy
5.    Frankenstein’s Mini Monster
6.    One Little Lion
7.    The Loveable Lobster
8.    Kiddie Captain Hook – See all of our Pint-Sized Pirate Options here
9.    A Precious and Precocious Puppy
10.    All Dolled Up as Raggedy-Ann (pair with Raggedy Andy for a matching look)
11.    The Deathly Drummer…Rotting, Rocking and Rolling!  Here are some more Kids Rock Star and Zombie looks
12.    Your Friendly Neighborhood Amazing Arachnid Superhero, Spider-Man


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    2. October 2009 at 14:00

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