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Halloween is Finally Here!

Folks the day of the year we have all been waiting for has finally arrived…

We have been counting down anxiously…and here we are today on Halloween Eve..!!!

Adult Sexy Devil Lingerie CostumeTransformers Bumblebee Movie 3-D Deluxe Child CostumeAdult Sexy Nightmare Seductress CostumeBaby Pumpkin Plush CostumeChild Prestige Belle CostumeDeluxe Vampire Pet Costume

In the past few weeks, we have offered our best costume ideas…

From children to adults ….even to pooches….we have listed an extensive variety of options to make this Halloween extra memorable!

We hope that Hollywood Toys and made your search for the perfect costume simple and enjoyable..

So this Halloween…make sure you trick or treat safely, party responsibly, and look awesome!

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Now planning begins for next year! Stay tuned!!!

Last Minute Costume Hunting? Let Us Be Your Guide!

Halloween is so close we can taste it!


While others have been preparing for this day for months…  Some may still be frantically searching for the perfect costume...

No worries, Hollywood Toys and is definitely your 24/7 resource.

With so many ideas and options, costume shopping can actually be quite difficult.  One theme that never fails with the public are humorous costumes!

From Borat’s mankini to a more conservative clown costume…we have all types of funny covered here!

Halloween is only a few days away!!!  Check out our extensive collection below…

Clown (Male) Adult CostumeBorat Lycra Mankini CostumeAqua Teen Hunger Force - Meatwad Adult CostumeRehab Babe Adult CostumeAdult Lost Dog CostumeAdult Martini Glass Costume

Trick-or-Treating Tips for Halloween Weekend

We are mere days away from the most colorful, creative and frightfully fun time of the year: Halloween!  But before you send your costumed candy-collectors out into the neighborhood on their annual harvest of sweets, study up on safety and consider the following advice.  Always assemble Halloween costumes with care, using only non-flammable materials, and examine the outfit’s length to make certain no fabric or Accessories are dangling or can get tangled up while traveling from door-to-door.  If a Mask is part of the Halloween disguise, be sure to have adequate visibility through the eye holes and that all noises from nearby cars or people can be clearly heard through ear holes.  When approaching an unfamiliar home on the haunted holiday, only knock or ring the doorbell if a porch light is on and the house appears inviting to dressed-up guests.  Avoid barking dogs and dark yards as you make the rounds, adhere to all traffic rules and stop lights when crossing streets and try to travel in groups of 2 or more, keeping a close eye on each other using the buddy system.  Before sampling the treats that kids have been given, parents should inspect the snacks, making sure all the packages are still factory sealed before the long-awaited ripping, tearing and devouring begins.  A little preparedness and planning is all that’s needed for Halloween to go off without a hitch.  Have a blast, scare yourself (and others) silly, but keep your wits about you because while October 31st may only come once a year, like a zombie hungry for brains, it will return before you know it!

Halloween’s Almost Here…One Week and Counting!

Final preparations are in the works to make this Halloween the best one ever.  Decorations are being put up, turning normal residences into sinister Haunted HousesMoms and Dads are helping their Kids assemble creative disguises for the big day.  Costume parties this weekend and next are being organized for grown-up guys and girls who want to celebrate with spooky, sexy spirit.  Bowls full of candy set out by the front door are waiting for eager groups of Trick-or-Treaters to come collecting.  We’re overjoyed that the holiday is nearly upon us and for all the last minute shoppers out there, there’s still just enough time to pick an outfit and Accessories for fast shipping right to your door.  Halloween is a week away but the scariest thing we can think of is being without a costume on October 31st – browse our choices and place your order today before it’s too late!

October=Yankees Time!

Sure October is the best month of the year…I mean we celebrate Halloween!

However, October also means game time…or should I say Yankee time?


In recent years, the highly popular Yankees have ended their past seasons in disappointment.  With extensive World Series and Championship records, fans were beginning to wonder if these over-paid players were even motivated to execute?

If that was in question at one point….fans are surely singing another tune this month.

The Yankees are on the super high way to the World Series!!…

First stop was Minnesota where the Bronx Bombers swept the series 3-0.  Tonight, they face the L.A. Angels with whom they already lead 3-1.

Should be a good one as the battle of the coasts continues!

Halloween is here before you know it…So make sure to tune in..

And since baseball is one of America’s favorite past times…check out our costumes!!

Teen Baseball Player CostumeAdult Sexy Baseball Player CostumeAdult Sexy Baseball CostumeOld Tyme Baseball Player  Adult CostumeThe Warriors Baseball Furies Deluxe Adult CostumeAdult Plus Size Baseball Nut Costume

2009…Year of the Celebrity Baby!

So either there is something in the water or celebs have just been on a rampage….

Because 2009 has been the year of the celebrity baby!


This year alone some of our biggest stars have welcomed babies and many are expecting in the near future.  The new Hollywood is going to be a very good looking generation!

2009 parents include: Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden, Kimora Lee Simmons and Dijmon Honsou, and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Those on the waiting list include: Kendra Wilkinson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Bethenny Frankel.

And with baby comes planning, party, and presents….amongst other things.

How exciting!

For those of you who have just welcomed a new bundle or bundles of joy this year…we have the most adorable costumes for your little one!  Baby years are priceless, so check out some of our top baby costumes and make this Halloween a memorable one!

Baby Eeyore CostumeBaby Fairy Bunting Infant CostumeChild Sports Touchdown Baby Bunting CostumeBaby Bee Bunting  Infant CostumeChild Pirate Baby Bunting CostumeChild Little Baby Duck Bunting Costume

Getting Jazzed Up for The Princess and The Frog

The excitement is building around Disney’s newest animated film The Princess and The Frog well in advance of its December 11 release date.  Directed by the team who also brought us the classics The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter delivered a video message this week touting the movie’s return to a glorious 2D style of animation.  We’re always fans of the unforgettable characters Disney comes up with, but the New Orleans setting for the story really gets us giddy when we think of all the costume possibilities.  So now it’s not just Princess Tiana herself or a Frog Suit that costumers are limited to when celebrating this new motion picture.  In fact, anything Princess and everything N’awlins is fair game including Mardi Gras outfits, ’20s Flapper dresses and glamorous Southern Belle gowns.  The Princess and The Frog is sure to be a big hit at the box office; help spread the word this Halloween with any of the costume ideas above!

Top Costume Ideas of 2009…

With a little more than a week left, the Halloween anticipation is growing  stronger than ever!!! And the deadline to the big day is getting closer and closer!

Throughout the weeks we have been offering our top costume suggestions for all demographics…

From Kids to Teens to Dogs….we truly have all your Halloween needs!

With 2009 being such a big year for entertainment news…its no surprise that the top costumes of the year stem from movies and music.

After researching some of the top searches for costumes…we found a few which have been extremely popular across the board..

Here are 3 of the Top Costume ideas for 2009:

1) Michael Jackson-

The world suffered a tragic loss when MJ passed this year.  But his legacy and sequined glove live on! Celebrate his memory with one of his signature looks.

Michael Jackson Thriller Deluxe Adult CostumeMichael Jackson Beat it Jacket  Adult Costume

2) Vampires (Twilight, True Blood)-

With the hit HBO series True Blood and the frenzy of Twilight, there has never been a better time to be a vampire.

Edwardian Vampire Elite Collection AdultGothic Vampire

3) Harry Potter-

With the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince earlier this July, fans have been waiting for Halloween to emulate their favorite characters!

Adult Harry Potter RobeHarry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child  Costume

Halloween is upon us! Check out these popular looks!!

Behind the Scenes of Iron Man 2

Always a popular choice for Halloween, Superhero costumes of comic book characters like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man have been perennial favorites for decades.  However, after the enormous success of last year’s blockbuster movie Iron Man, there’s new interest in wealthy industrialist Tony Stark and his high-flying alter ego.  Fans of the weapon-enhanced, armored suit will be thrilled to learn that a sequel is set to reach theaters in May 2010 and some initial behind-the-scenes footage is starting to make its way online.  Click here to watch a YouTube video from the French channel Canal+ featuring cast interviews along with a sneak peek at the sets, stunts and costumes for this highly anticipated follow-up.  While you’re still in a Marvel-ous mood, be sure to browse our choices of Iron Man costumes for adults or kids and pick one to wear on Halloween.  Our Superhero selection is huge; whatever outfit you decide upon, a brave and bold look is sure to save the day come October 31!

The Costume News Round-Up

Halloween is only a couple more weeks away and costume-related happenings are starting to pop up all around the country.  Here are a few stories from the East Coast that caught our eye as we prepare for the big dress-up holiday.  For Floridian dog owners, October 24th is a day to mark down on the calendar because that’s when Dogs For Life’s 8th Annual Howl-O-Ween Canine Costume Parade and Pet Expo takes place in Vero Beach.  Click here for more information on this delightful day of dog disguises and don’t forget to check out our selection of pet costumes to help your furry friend celebrate as well.  From the costume crime blotter, a Halloween shopper in South Carolina ended up in jail this week for trying to swipe a sexy outfit from her local mall.  The detail that elevates this above simple shoplifting is that it was a Police Officer Costume that she stuffed into her purse.  The Smoking Gun has a write-up on the incident, but we’ve got the Hot Cop Costumes that she wanted to get away with.  After a trip to the station we figure she got an up-close look at the Uniform and Accessories our boys in blue wear, so if she still wants to be a provocative policeman on Halloween, her outfit might be even more authentic post-arrest!