Talk Like a Pirate Day is This Saturday

Ahoy mateys, that time of year when land lubbers and salty dogs unite is nearly upon us!  The 14th annual Talk Like a Pirate Day sails into port on Saturday, September 19th and we encourage bilge rats and beauties both to hoist their grog and toast the despicable devils for whom the holiday is named.  Of course, dressing the part makes all the difference, so round up your tricorn hats, eyepatches, buccaneer costumes and sexy seafaring outfits for the lovely lasses to head out on the open water in search of fortune and adventure.  Honor the mythical memories of classic maritime marauders like Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard; celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day through verbose vernacular and dastardly disguises.  Arrrr you ready?


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