Kanye’s VMA Disaster: Pres Obama Chimes In

This week has been a busy one reporters around the globe….

Hot topic of the week: World Hunger? War? Global Warming?……….Of course not..

It’s Kanye West…and he is up to his usual antics once again!


So apparently Mr. West was spotted all over the VMA’s carrying and indulging in what appears to be a life size bottle of Hennessey.  Seemingly under control, several photographs of him and girlfriend Amber Rose were photographed through out the night.

Fast forward to Best Female Video of the Year: The nominees included a stellar roster of superstars: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift….

And yes to much of our surprise, the newbie Taylor Swift took the Moonman, which actually was her first ever…

Almost brings tears to our eyes…but then on live television, the big bad wolf, Kanye West mumbles some drunken gibberish on how Beyonce’s video was the best…ever…

When all was said and done…Taylor Swift stood on stage silenced, as if she was in the nude in front of a large audience….Poor girl, our hearts really do go out to her…

Now we are sure Kanye has felt bad from all the media scrutiny and celebrity commentary…but a statement from Obama …?

What a Jacka**!

Listen to Obama’s comment below:

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