How to Have a Hip Haunted Halloween

We know lots of you are browsing our copious costume selection right now to find a perfect Halloween look before the end of next month, so let us try to make your search a little bit easier.  Some of the hottest costumes for the season come from the biggest movies of the past year and the Transformers, G.I. Joe, Harry Potter, Wolverine, Star Trek and Watchmen options we carry are all great choices for kids or adult disguises.  Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without shrieks, shocks and scares – be sure to check out our Newest Horror and Gothic Costumes to find an irresistibly frightening costume sure to send a chill up anyone’s spine.  Masks will anonymously turn you into any character you wish; our most recent catalog additions are here along with the latest Wigs and Hats for 2009.  Every creepy costume inevitably needs an Accessory or two and any good Halloween bash is equipped with Decorations and Party Supplies; don’t forget to round out your spooky shopping experience with some of these too.  If all else fails, go with a Classic Halloween Outfit to make this October 31st a traditionally terrifying night.  The countdown is on, you’ve got a month to finalize your costume and sooner is better before our stock vanishes like a ghost – into thin air!


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