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Check Out Our Top, Sexy Costume Picks….

As we rapidly enter the month of October…Halloween season is in full effect! While many have been planning their costume ideas since last year, others will most likely rush costume stores last minute.  Don’t be left with the scraps and mess of the Halloween mayhem.  Start your costume search now, and let Hollywood Toys and be your guide. With the arrival of our New 2009 costumes, your possibilities are endless.  But with so much selection, let us offer some suggestions.  Below are our top, sexy picks for the ladies from our 2009 collection.  From a Captivating Captain to one of the sexy Watchmen, these costumes will be sure to have you turning heads!  Check them out!

Captivating Captain Adult CostumeAhoy There Hottie Adult CostumeRisky Racer Adult CostumeStar Wars Princess Leia Slave Adult CostumeBuggin' Out Adult CostumeWatchmen Silk Spectre Adult Costume

How to Have a Hip Haunted Halloween

We know lots of you are browsing our copious costume selection right now to find a perfect Halloween look before the end of next month, so let us try to make your search a little bit easier.  Some of the hottest costumes for the season come from the biggest movies of the past year and the Transformers, G.I. Joe, Harry Potter, Wolverine, Star Trek and Watchmen options we carry are all great choices for kids or adult disguises.  Halloween simply wouldn’t be the same without shrieks, shocks and scares – be sure to check out our Newest Horror and Gothic Costumes to find an irresistibly frightening costume sure to send a chill up anyone’s spine.  Masks will anonymously turn you into any character you wish; our most recent catalog additions are here along with the latest Wigs and Hats for 2009.  Every creepy costume inevitably needs an Accessory or two and any good Halloween bash is equipped with Decorations and Party Supplies; don’t forget to round out your spooky shopping experience with some of these too.  If all else fails, go with a Classic Halloween Outfit to make this October 31st a traditionally terrifying night.  The countdown is on, you’ve got a month to finalize your costume and sooner is better before our stock vanishes like a ghost – into thin air!

Carrie Prejean + Spider-Girl= Sexy Halloween

carrie-prejean-playboy and Perez Hilton broke the story of the fan favorite, the ex-Ms. California, Carrie Prejean.  She shocked the nation by her anti-gay remarks on national television, being dethroned by Mr. Trump, and now by appearing on OUR website modeling some of our sexy Spider-Girl costumes. In addition, she participated in Comic Con 2008 modeling for Women of Marvel.

We are all for sexiness this Halloween season, but much of her conservative fan base is concerned with the affect of these photos on her public image…

Yea about that public image,….[It's been in jeopardy for quite some time]

Nevertheless, check out our Spider costumes, featuring the lovely Carrie Prejean:

Black-Suited Spider-Girl Sassy Deluxe Adult CostumeBlack-Suited Spider-Girl Sassy Prestige Adult Costume

How To Be Your Fav Trekkie!

Star Trek Movie (2009) Red Shirt Adult CostumeStar Trek Next Generation Gold Jumpsuit Deluxe Adult CostumeStar Trek Classic Blue Child CostumeStar Trek Classic Gorn Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask AdultStar Trek Movie 2009 Spock Wig AdultStar Trek Next Generation Worf Deluxe Latex Mask Adult

In American culture, there are many television series which simply transcend time.  From more recent series like Seinfeld to classics like the Honeymooners, us Americans simply can’t get enough of good television!  Fortunately for us, dvd‘s and cable features such as On Demand, keep these classics alive and in the present.  Another series which will always be a worldwide phenomenon is Star Trek. First launching as a series in the late 80′s and early 90′s, then evolving into films, books, comics, and much more.  We simply can’t get enough of it! Well fortunately for Trekkies worldwide, Halloween is the perfect day to show just how big of a fan you are while looking the part…

Check our our extensive collection of Star Trek costumes & accessories!

HD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Your Little Dog Too!

2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the classic fairytale film The Wizard of Oz and two of the most anticipated days during this yearlong celebration are nearly upon us.  On September 23rd, The Wizard of Oz can be seen in movie theaters nationwide, shown in HD for the first time ever.  The release date for an Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the fantasy motion picture on DVD, Blu-Ray, On Demand and Digital Download happens the following week, September 29th.  For more information, check out the official The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary website here.  With these all-new options for devoted fans and first-timers alike to watch the movie, the only thing missing is a colorful costume of any of the unforgettable charactersDorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and Scarecrow want to take one more stroll down the Yellow Brick Road, even if it means crossing paths with the Wicked Witch of the West and her savage Flying Monkeys.  Won’t you bring them to life with a faithful disguise for Halloween or to wear while you recite the iconic lines at home with family and friends?  We’re here to help, just look for us somewhere “Over the Rainbow.”

Bring Nickelodeon to Life!

As Halloween approaches, parents are beginning the hunt for the perfect costume for their little ones.  With so many options ranging from scary, gruesome costumes, to athletic costumes…we bring to you our top Nickelodeon picks! All kids love Nickelodeon, actually most adults do too…Make your child’s Halloween extra special by bringing their favorite Nick character to life..We offer everything from Dora the Explorer to Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Check out these great picks and start preparing for another great Halloween!

Child Dora CostumeSpongeBob Squarepants Child CostumeChild Diego CostumeBackyardigans Uniqua Child CostumeThomas The Tank Engine James Child CostumeChild Deluxe Plush Blue Costume

Talk Like a Pirate Day is This Saturday

Ahoy mateys, that time of year when land lubbers and salty dogs unite is nearly upon us!  The 14th annual Talk Like a Pirate Day sails into port on Saturday, September 19th and we encourage bilge rats and beauties both to hoist their grog and toast the despicable devils for whom the holiday is named.  Of course, dressing the part makes all the difference, so round up your tricorn hats, eyepatches, buccaneer costumes and sexy seafaring outfits for the lovely lasses to head out on the open water in search of fortune and adventure.  Honor the mythical memories of classic maritime marauders like Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard; celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day through verbose vernacular and dastardly disguises.  Arrrr you ready?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4….Coming Soon

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 Davy Jones Deluxe AdultPirates of the Caribbean 3 Elizabeth Pirate Deluxe Child (2007) CostumePirates of the Caribbean 3 Captain Jack Sparrow Quality Adult (2007) Costume

Great news movie fans!

It has just been announced that POC has finally been slated with a title and estimated release date. The 4th installment will be: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and will be released Summer 2011.  Production is set to begin soon and  although details of the plot have been very limited, it has been stated that this film will be an all Jack Sparrow feature!

How exciting!

And with Halloween lingering around the sure to check out our  wide variety of Pirates of the Carribean Costumes and accessories!

For MJ Fans, October 28th is “It”

Almost three months have elapsed since Michael Jackson’s untimely passing, but fans of the superstar performer are about to get one last glimpse of the King of Pop in action.  Rehearsal footage shot in preparation for a 50-concert run in London has been culled together and will be shown on the big screen as an exclusive, limited-engagement film titled This Is It.  You can view the trailer for this highly anticipated motion picture here.  The October 28th release date, mere days before Halloween, ensures that Michael Jackson costumes will (as usual) be an incredibly popular look next month.  So pick your favorite MJ disguise and celebrate the life of an icon when you see This Is It in the theater or as you moonwalk down the street while trick-or-treating.  Take our word for it, both the movie and the upcoming haunted holiday are going to be Thrillers!

Kanye’s VMA Disaster: Pres Obama Chimes In

This week has been a busy one reporters around the globe….

Hot topic of the week: World Hunger? War? Global Warming?……….Of course not..

It’s Kanye West…and he is up to his usual antics once again!


So apparently Mr. West was spotted all over the VMA’s carrying and indulging in what appears to be a life size bottle of Hennessey.  Seemingly under control, several photographs of him and girlfriend Amber Rose were photographed through out the night.

Fast forward to Best Female Video of the Year: The nominees included a stellar roster of superstars: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift….

And yes to much of our surprise, the newbie Taylor Swift took the Moonman, which actually was her first ever…

Almost brings tears to our eyes…but then on live television, the big bad wolf, Kanye West mumbles some drunken gibberish on how Beyonce’s video was the best…ever…

When all was said and done…Taylor Swift stood on stage silenced, as if she was in the nude in front of a large audience….Poor girl, our hearts really do go out to her…

Now we are sure Kanye has felt bad from all the media scrutiny and celebrity commentary…but a statement from Obama …?

What a Jacka**!

Listen to Obama’s comment below:

And show your support for our Pres with our latest selection of Obama Items & Accessories:

Barack Obama Adult Mask 2008Deluxe Barack Obama Adult MaskObama MaskAdult Barack Obama MaskObama Paper EyeglassesBeads with Obama Medallion Asst. (1 count)