The Newest Costumes for Summer’s End

As the summertime pool parties, BBQs, road trips and family vacations start to wind down, thoughts turn to falling leaves and yet another school year for the kids.  But while temperatures slowly start to cool off, our costume selection is staying hotter than ever!  Become a member of the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity with a high-tech G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra costume including soldiers Duke, Snake Eyes and ninja villain Storm Shadow.  Spice up your disguise New Orleans-style as the beautiful Tiana from Disney’s upcoming animated feature The Princess and The FrogStar Trek and Harry Potter outfits are still hip and happening looks for a costume party or you could think ahead of the curve as a gothic vampire from HBO’s True Blood, The Twilight Saga: New Moon or a mischievous character from next year’s highly anticipated version of Alice in Wonderland.  So soak up those last rays of summer while you can because fall is nearly here and Halloween isn’t far behind; any of these red-hot choices are sure to make your costume wishes come true!


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