Price to Spend Eternity With Marilyn Monroe? $4.6 Million…

Marilyn Monroe’s legend still lives on in 2009…and in recent days, she still had the fella’s waving dollars at her…literally.


Recently, the plot above Marilyn Monroe’s resting place opened up.  81 yr. old Richard Poncher was buried there 23 yrs ago and his widow had decided to move his remains and sell the highly coveted plot.

Elsie Poncher honestly revealed that she was doing so in order to pay off a Beverly Hills mortgage.

It had been stated that Poncher had purchased the crypt from the late baseball great, Joe DiMaggio during his divorce from the bombshell.


Within days of the plot being put up on eBay, an unidentified buyer purchased his ticket to spend eternity with Marilyn Monroe for a cool $4.6 million dollars.

Clearly, he has a thing for blondes….

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