Loved 300? Gear up for the Sequel!

Remember back in 2007, when the world was introduced to King Leonidas and his legendary Spartan brigade?


Well just in case you were yearning for more action and carnage….good news might be coming your way.

Frank Miller has recently completed a draft of the graphic novel to his first book.  The draft is said to be the foundation to the upcoming Warner Bros.-Legendary Pictures film.  It has been reported that Miller is still putting the final touches on the draft, but in order to get the ball moving, decisions need to be made on the production end.

No screenwriters have been confirmed to take on the task of translating Miller’s version to film, nor have any producers.  However, there have been discussions  (likely to include Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang, Mark Canton’ Atmosphere and Zack Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual banners) and Kurt Johnstad is speculated to return as co-writer.

Despite all the technical details, the biggest question of all is whether the sequel will actually be a prequel?

Leonidas and many of the main characters were killed off in the first film. Could a 300 part II even be the same without our beloved Spartan leader..?

Probably not..

Well in any case, we know the movie is on the way so stay tuned!

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