G.I. Joe is a Go!

G.I. Joe is a household name in America.  Unless you were born on Mars, you are familiar with the little action figures and their accessories that kept children playing and busy for hours!

Well if you forgot about G.I. Joe, here is a refresher course: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hit theaters this past weekend..and opened with a bang!


The movie had received less than favorable reviews from the critics.  But much to their surprise the movie debuted at #1 with an estimated $100 million dollar around the globe. Not too shabby for a movie that will probably receive no critical acclaim.

But in today’s economic climate, does it even matter what the big shots say as long as the $$$ is coming in?

However, it was said that the hype of the film was attributed to the strong fan base that G.I. Joe has and also because of front man Channing Tatum.


Perhaps all good reasons to go watch the movie.  However, critics will be on the lookout for 2nd week sales, especially with “District 9″ opening up this Friday.

We predict that the film will be still be relevant in the upcoming weeks..Funnyordie.com even made a parody of the film, so it must be newsworthy….

Check out the clip below:

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