Aliens from District 9 to Pandora

It’s been a busy week for big screen extraterrestrials and movie audiences alike.  District 9 took the top spot at the box office this past weekend with an action packed tale of outer space visitors stranded in South Africa.  If that wasn’t enough for sci-fi fans, the trailer for director James Cameron’s highly anticipated 3-D epic Avatar debuted online today – watch the amazing preview here before the movie is released on December 18.  It’s clear that aliens are as hot as ever in popular culture and come October, alien looks will undoubtedly be a top choice for kids and adults.  Browse our Alien Costumes, Alien Masks and Alien Accessories to make your outfit truly out of this world!  With options for men, women and children, these slimy, scary, retro and classic disguises are both eye-popping and heart stopping!  So strap yourself in and blast off for distant galaxies in an alien costume perfect for Halloween.


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