4,500 Year Old Skeleton Found in Rome!

Over the weekend, the details of the skeleton of an ancient warrior that was found off the coast of Rome was finally revealed…..

And it is dated to be about 4,500 years old!

Italy Warrior's Tomb

Surprisingly, the skeleton was well preserved and was discovered back in May during a routine fly over the area which is of archaeological interest . During the flight, they had spotted a hole in the ground which they presumed to be a tomb, and they presumed correct!  The details have only been revealed now due to a full on excavation of the site.

The skeleton was named “Nello” and was said to be a warrior because an arrow was found in his upper rib area, which prompts the idea that he may have been killed during battle.


Along with the skeleton, there were ceramic jars buried as well as flint arrow heads, suggesting a burial was performed for the warrior.

“Nello” is currently on display at the cultural section’s headquarters in Rome.

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