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The Terrifying Face of Halloween

Trust us, there’s no shortage of scary characters to choose from when deciding on a Halloween costumeJason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Pinhead and Jigsaw are all popular horror icons but there’s one killer who represents the holiday best of all.  Of course, we’re talking about Michael Myers, the deranged murderer from the 30+ year-old Halloween film series who returns to Haddonfield, Illinois on All Hallow’s Eve to claim new victims in each chapter.  Rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie also knows how frightening The Shape is to moviegoers, his 2007 remake proved so popular that he helmed a follow-up, Halloween II, set to shock theater audiences starting this weekend.  So, whether it’s in celebration of the new movie or just a ghastly look for the disguise party, this October dress as the figure who has defined Halloween for decades: the horrifying and unmistakable Michael Myers.

Labor Day: Parades, Barbecues, & Rest!

Labor Day is approaching ….and what better way to celebrate this American holiday by displaying our patriotism!

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Let’s not forget the true meaning of this holidayLabor Day was established to celebrate the working citizen by acknowledging them through a day off, which later evolved into a day filled with parades, barbecues, and rest.

Labor Day is a holiday we all look forward too, although it does symbolically mark the conclusion of the summer.

Make this Labor Day memorable and send the summer off with a bang!

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Summer’s Over? Costume Season Starts to Heat Up.

Back to school is what’s on the brain for parents and kids nowadays but before long thoughts will be on choosing a costume for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties.  So what are the hottest disguises for the upcoming holiday?  For guys, Michael Jackson is bound to be a top pick along with the indestructible claws of Wolverine and a humorous hunk in Lt. Dangle from Reno 911!, among others.  Ladies can choose from our sexy costume selection including gorgeous gangsters, pretty pirates and seductive schoolgirls, get heroic as one of the X-Men in an Emma Frost costume or hit warp speed in a Star Trek uniform.  Kids might just have the most costume possibilities of all with girls’ options including Princess Tiana from Disney’s upcoming The Princess and the Frog, Hannah Montana and Barbie Thumbelina while boys can rock out as characters from Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Harry Potter series or burn rubber in a NASCAR racer outfit.  These are but a fraction of the costumes you can dress in this Halloween, browse our categories to find your favorite look and make this October one to remember !

Price to Spend Eternity With Marilyn Monroe? $4.6 Million…

Marilyn Monroe’s legend still lives on in 2009…and in recent days, she still had the fella’s waving dollars at her…literally.


Recently, the plot above Marilyn Monroe’s resting place opened up.  81 yr. old Richard Poncher was buried there 23 yrs ago and his widow had decided to move his remains and sell the highly coveted plot.

Elsie Poncher honestly revealed that she was doing so in order to pay off a Beverly Hills mortgage.

It had been stated that Poncher had purchased the crypt from the late baseball great, Joe DiMaggio during his divorce from the bombshell.


Within days of the plot being put up on eBay, an unidentified buyer purchased his ticket to spend eternity with Marilyn Monroe for a cool $4.6 million dollars.

Clearly, he has a thing for blondes….

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Venezuela takes Miss Universe Title–Again!

Last night, the most beautiful women from across the globe competed for the prestigious Miss Universe 2009 title.

After several competitions, the panelists announced the winner…and it was none other than Stefania Fernandez, Miss Venezuela.


This victory marks a second consecutive win for Venezuela, as Dayana Mendoza claimed the 2008 title.

And what would a Miss Universe pageant be without some sort of disaster….this of course is excluding Heidi Montag’s performance!

While Dayana Mendoza crowned the new Miss Universe, she dropped the crown…forcing producers to cut away from the emotional moment.

But nevertheless, the beauties celebrated proudly a second title for their country.

Miss Universe 2009

As winner of the pageant, the 18yr. old Fernandez will receive access to an NYC apartment for a year, as well as living expenses, a two year scholarship to the New York Film Academy, and a vacation to the Bahamas for two….amongst other things.

The runner up was Miss Dominican Republic and will be the title holder in case Miss Venezuela can no longer perform her duties.

Hopefully a scandalous picture does not make its way out!

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Aliens from District 9 to Pandora

It’s been a busy week for big screen extraterrestrials and movie audiences alike.  District 9 took the top spot at the box office this past weekend with an action packed tale of outer space visitors stranded in South Africa.  If that wasn’t enough for sci-fi fans, the trailer for director James Cameron’s highly anticipated 3-D epic Avatar debuted online today – watch the amazing preview here before the movie is released on December 18.  It’s clear that aliens are as hot as ever in popular culture and come October, alien looks will undoubtedly be a top choice for kids and adults.  Browse our Alien Costumes, Alien Masks and Alien Accessories to make your outfit truly out of this world!  With options for men, women and children, these slimy, scary, retro and classic disguises are both eye-popping and heart stopping!  So strap yourself in and blast off for distant galaxies in an alien costume perfect for Halloween.

Looking Ahead to Halloween

Is it just us or does it seem like there are more costume ideas for the upcoming Halloween season than ever before?  For starters there are dozens of character outfits from blockbuster films like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Watchmen.  The first family is a timely couples’ disguise for the holiday; assume the roles of Commander-in-Chief and First Lady when you don the masks of Barack and Michelle Obama.  Capture the pole position and get the milk ready for the winner in a NASCAR uniform including speed racers Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pay tribute to a legend of stage and screen in a moonwalking Michael Jackson costume or thrill teen audiences the world over with any of our Hannah Montana looks.  Halloween costumes aren’t limited to figures from TV, movies and sports – browse our plentiful categories for other suggestions or let an active imagination be your guide to a creative disguise.  The clock is ticking towards October 31st, choose your costume early and relax before the holiday rush begins!

Trend Alert:Celebs Bringing Back the ’80s

We all remember the 80′s the wonderful era of big hair, shoulder pads, bright colors and of course Madonna.

Well news update folks….the 80′s is back and celebs are updating our favorite guilty pleasures…Check out how these sexy ladies add their own flair to these vintage looks:


Her fingerless lace gloves are reminiscent of the material girl, and her pearl necklaces add to that 80′s excessive flair.  Rihanna updates this look to present day with this sleek black ensemble.


Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga has already notified the world of her fashion forward ways, and this outfit does not shock us one bit.  Leotard, leopard, and fishnets! Do we need say more?  Gaga wears it well and makes us all want to rock out in this get up.


Victoria Beckham:

Mrs. Beckham not only has the hottest husband on the planet, but she also knows how to always look like a million bucks.  She updates the indispensable black leather jacket with some stylish shoulder pads….Who would’ve thought shoulder pads and sexy can be in the same sentence!


Kelly Osbourne:

Kelly sports this rocker style cut, reminiscent of Billy Idol and keeps it fresh and current. Coming from rock star royalty always helps in setting trends.  Good job Kelly!

kelly osbourne whisky 2 120809

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Celebrate 25 Years of Ninja Turtles

It was 1984 when a quartet of wise-cracking, martial arts-trained reptiles made their debut on the pages of a black and white comic book and the popularity of these heroes in a half shell is still super strong.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise marked its quarter-century anniversary this week with a re-release of all four feature films in a collector’s edition DVD box set and we’ve got the costumes, masks, accessories or party supplies to make you do a back flip, high kick and shout out “Cowabunga!”  Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael are here to emerge from the sewer and clean up the streets – after they devour a few pizza pies, of course!  Along with G.I. Joe and Transformers, characters from the ’80s are once again at the top of the charts; this summer go green in a TMNT costume and flex your turtle power!

Welcome Back Michael Vick….First Stop Philly

After an uncertain search for a new franchise, Michael Vick has finally secured a contract and a new home!


Good bye Atlanta, Hello Philadelphia!


Michael Vick has just signed a two year contract with the Philly Eagles.  The first year of the deal is for $1.6 million with an option for the second year at $5.2 million.  He can also earn up to $3million dollars in incentives for the duration of the contract.

The deal might seem as a major downgrade for the former highest paid player in NFL, but given his circumstances this opportunity is a blessing sent from above.

Vick has not played since 2006 and his life came tumbling down after being convicted in August 2007 of conspiracy and running a dog fighting operation, sentenced to 23 months in federal prison and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Talk about second chances!

Vick won’t be fully reinstated until about week 6 by the NFL, but is allowed to attend practices and other team related activities.

He comes in under starting QB Donovan McNabb, who led his team to the playoffs last year and ended the year with a 9-6-1 record.


Vick is said to be utilized as another weapon, especially in a variation of the Wildcats offense and his knowledge of West Coast offense.

McNabb was consulted prior to this decision and stated the following,

“I pretty much lobbied to get him here,” McNabb said. “I believe in second chances and what better place to get a second chance than here with this group of guys. … He’s no threat to me, not for Kolb. We had the opportunity to add another weapon to our offense.”

Well Said McNabb!

Michael Vick your work is cut out for you…you have a lot of making up to do in the NFL and Doggy world…

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