Lady Gaga Gets Frog-a-licious!

We all know and love Lady Gaga for her chart topping music and eccentric style.  It seems she never ceases to amaze us from her racy lyrics to her out of this world fashion sense…

But she just might have set the standard with her latest “costume“!


Lady Gaga completed an interview in Germany where she showed up with a Kermit the Frog couture piece created by Gucci…

Lol…No really, we don’t know who takes credit for the design of this costume…but what we do know that it is interesting to say the least.

It seems as though Lady Gaga has been really pushing the envelope lately with some of her fashion choices…Check out some of her sexy, crazy, and just plain over the top looks!


Here is also a clip from the interview:

Think Lady Gaga’s style is rocking? Well check out some of our similar costumes and accessories:

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One Response to “Lady Gaga Gets Frog-a-licious!”

  1. tigerlily
    23. July 2009 at 16:54

    Lady Ga Ga music is so amazing and her outfits add so much more to her music videos and persona. They’re so out there and really make her stand out as an artist.

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