Iron Man 2 Hits Comic-Con…Hits Theaters 2010

If you are a comics fan, then you most likely know that this past weekend was one of the biggest events held in the comic industry.  Comic-con is an annual convention held in San Diego.  The event consists of panels, seminars, workshops, and previews of upcoming feature films..amongst other things.

This year marked the 4oth anniversary of the convention and amongst all the chatter about the weekend, Iron Man 2 was a hot topic!


Just two years prior, Iron Man had debuted at Comic-Con, and went on to gross nearly 600 million worldwide! And the sequel is set to meet the same goals.  It was said that the Iron Man panel was so highly anticipated that even Marvel execs and studio guests were unable to get in.

Production of the film concluded just a week and a half ago, but the director brought 5 minutes of footage to feed the appetites of the masses. The preview shows Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) working alone at the outset of the sequel. He declines another offer to join forces with the group of heroes being assembled by Nick Fury(Samuel Jackson) and is being ordered by the government to turn in his super-powered suit, which has been deemed too dangerous a weapon.

The preview also introduced a new roster of characters to join the Iron Man phenomenon:

Garry Chandling as the senator demanding Stark’s suit,

Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes (War Machine),

Mickey Rourke as bad guy Ivan Vanko (Whiplash), and

Sam Rockwell as arms merchant Justin Hammer.


There are many star studded performers in this film, and if the reaction of fans from Comic-Con is any indication of how the film will do, I say pretty damn good!

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