Bruno = Numero Uno?

We all know Sacha Baron Cohen for his memorable Ali G show and for the hit movie Borat. While Sacha Cohen does not have Oscar nominations knocking at his door, this film solidifies his versatility between roles and definitely keeps the laughter coming.


Sasha brings to the world the character of Bruno, a gay, Austrian, fashion talk show host.

Talk about complex!!

After his show gets canceled due to a backstage altercation and basically gets blacklisted from his country, Bruno decides to venture to LA to pursue his dream of fame and fortune. While the formula for the film seems to be extracted from Borat, by trading commentary on anti-semitism for homophobia, the film does accomplish its goal of being over the top and funny at the same time.


The movie also has much to say about American pop culture.  Bruno adopts an African baby which he acquires directly from Africa in exchange for an iPod and brings him on the Today with Richard Bay show, .  This scene attempts to take swipes at the Hollywood baby phenomenon, in particular to Angelina Jolie and Madonna.  The film is also highly sexual in its content and definitely goes the extra mile to produce the WOW factor that all the Bruno hype has led us to.

It is agreed upon that Bruno isn’t as up to par as Borat…I mean that movie was one of a kind.

However, if you are looking for a comedy that will have you laughing by any means necessary, Bruno is definitely the film for you.

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