Arquette & Cox Team up for Scream 4!

Haven’t seen a good horror flick in a while? Waiting for the next scary movie to hit theaters?

Well good news is upon us all….

David Arquette and Courtney Cox are confirmed for production of Scream 4!


There had been rumors for the past several months that the 4th installment would be made into a reality.  However, it was not confirmed until E! had received a statement from Arquette.

E! online spoke with Arquette and he stated, ” “We are going to be doing Scream 4,” “Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”

The first installment of Scream was released back in 1996 where Arquette played Deputy Dewey Riley and Cox as a tabloid television reporter Gale Weathers

The duo actually became very acquainted with one another during the filming and as we all know have been happily married ever since.


David joyously expressed, “I fell in love with my wife on Scream, so the opportunity to bring [Dewey] back to life and for my wife to play that really bitchy character again, it’s just going to be really fun,” Arquette said. “It’s just great.”

How adorable!

Well, we hope this time around we are in for a real nail biter…

So will Neve Campbell join the original cast?

Sources say that Kevin Williamson stated that she has turned down the role, but Arquette is hoping otherwise…

Guess we will just have to wait and see..

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