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Bachelorette Update: Jillian Picks Ed!

After another drama filled, tear jerking season of Bachelorette 5….Jillian Harris finally picks her mate.


And the winner is:……………….Ed Swiderski!

Even after Ed fell flat on his face in the passion department in the Fantasy Room prior to Jillian’s decision, and even after leaving the show for a brief stint, her love for him was undeniable.

And if viewers wanted a dramatic ending…..they sure weren’t left empty handed.

After Jillian let Kiptyn down ever so gently, and awaited to deliver the great news to Ed, out steps Reid..the lovable gentleman who was voted off because of his inability to express his feelings for Jill…

I guess his declaration of love was too little, too late. But nevertheless, quite entertaining!

Fast forward to the good stuff, Ed proposes and Jillian accepts. And the story ends happily ever after!


Jillian, a native of Vancouver is set to move to Chicago to be with her fiance and the couple is set to marry within the next year.

However, the survival statistics of couples from The Bachelorette/Bachelor have been pretty dismal, so we will keep an eye out on the lovebirds and their progress.

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Comic-Con Came and Went

The 40th Comic-Con International roared through San Diego over the weekend chock full of panels, screenings, previews and plenty of fan-made costumes from their favorite movies, TV series, video games and (of course) comic books!  Here’s a rundown from USA Today with a few of the highlights attendees witnessed.  Some of the greatest interest was in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, tenatively due March 5, 2010, while fans also salivated over an extended preview of Iron Man 2 and enjoyed interviews with Twilight star Robert Pattinson while getting hints and clues from the producers of Lost and 24 on what will happen next season.  Take a look at this gallery with costumes worn by some of the most hardcore enthusiasts.  Put together your own animated or action-packed look with one of our disguises and carry the spirit of Comic-Con with you to the next costume party!

Iron Man 2 Hits Comic-Con…Hits Theaters 2010

If you are a comics fan, then you most likely know that this past weekend was one of the biggest events held in the comic industry.  Comic-con is an annual convention held in San Diego.  The event consists of panels, seminars, workshops, and previews of upcoming feature films..amongst other things.

This year marked the 4oth anniversary of the convention and amongst all the chatter about the weekend, Iron Man 2 was a hot topic!


Just two years prior, Iron Man had debuted at Comic-Con, and went on to gross nearly 600 million worldwide! And the sequel is set to meet the same goals.  It was said that the Iron Man panel was so highly anticipated that even Marvel execs and studio guests were unable to get in.

Production of the film concluded just a week and a half ago, but the director brought 5 minutes of footage to feed the appetites of the masses. The preview shows Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) working alone at the outset of the sequel. He declines another offer to join forces with the group of heroes being assembled by Nick Fury(Samuel Jackson) and is being ordered by the government to turn in his super-powered suit, which has been deemed too dangerous a weapon.

The preview also introduced a new roster of characters to join the Iron Man phenomenon:

Garry Chandling as the senator demanding Stark’s suit,

Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes (War Machine),

Mickey Rourke as bad guy Ivan Vanko (Whiplash), and

Sam Rockwell as arms merchant Justin Hammer.


There are many star studded performers in this film, and if the reaction of fans from Comic-Con is any indication of how the film will do, I say pretty damn good!

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Spiderman Director to Add World of Warcraft to Credentials!

Film director Sam Raimi is best known for bringing Spider-Man to the big screen and now he will bring the hit, role-playing video game, “World of Warcraft” to life!


WoW is a multi player online game which has received a huge following since 2004.  “World of Warcraft” holds the Guinness World Record as the most popular massively multi player online game with more than 11.5 million monthly subscribers , in addition to launching a profitable range of licensed products.

Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have both expressed their excitement and confidence in their choice of Raimi as director. Raimi’s most recent film was “Drag Me to Hell” which received favorable feedback.

Raimi also expressed his excitement to on taking on the film.  He states, “At its core, Warcraft is a fantastic, action-packed story,” said Raimi in the statement. “I am thrilled to work with such a dynamite production team to bring this project to the big screen.

Awesome! …We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Lady Gaga Gets Frog-a-licious!

We all know and love Lady Gaga for her chart topping music and eccentric style.  It seems she never ceases to amaze us from her racy lyrics to her out of this world fashion sense…

But she just might have set the standard with her latest “costume“!


Lady Gaga completed an interview in Germany where she showed up with a Kermit the Frog couture piece created by Gucci…

Lol…No really, we don’t know who takes credit for the design of this costume…but what we do know that it is interesting to say the least.

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Here is also a clip from the interview:

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Arquette & Cox Team up for Scream 4!

Haven’t seen a good horror flick in a while? Waiting for the next scary movie to hit theaters?

Well good news is upon us all….

David Arquette and Courtney Cox are confirmed for production of Scream 4!


There had been rumors for the past several months that the 4th installment would be made into a reality.  However, it was not confirmed until E! had received a statement from Arquette.

E! online spoke with Arquette and he stated, ” “We are going to be doing Scream 4,” “Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”

The first installment of Scream was released back in 1996 where Arquette played Deputy Dewey Riley and Cox as a tabloid television reporter Gale Weathers

The duo actually became very acquainted with one another during the filming and as we all know have been happily married ever since.


David joyously expressed, “I fell in love with my wife on Scream, so the opportunity to bring [Dewey] back to life and for my wife to play that really bitchy character again, it’s just going to be really fun,” Arquette said. “It’s just great.”

How adorable!

Well, we hope this time around we are in for a real nail biter…

So will Neve Campbell join the original cast?

Sources say that Kevin Williamson stated that she has turned down the role, but Arquette is hoping otherwise…

Guess we will just have to wait and see..

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Costumes for the Dog Days of Summer

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Ryan Reynolds Nabs Role as Green Lantern..

Attention all DC Comic lovers…

Your worries are no longer necessary….Ryan Reynolds is to star as the upcoming Green Lantern.


It had been speculated for weeks that those in the running for the role were Alias co-star Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.

I mean we love your music Justin..but honestly we rather see you dancing it up then actually taking on such a coveted role. As for Bradley Cooper, The Hangover was awesome, but Ryan already has super hero credentials with a role in Deadpool under his belt.  Reynolds has also been in negotiations for a sequel to Deadpool, in addition to a possible role as The Flash.


Talk about super hero qualities!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Green Lantern comics, here is a little rundown.

The Green Lantern is part of an exclusive peacekeeping force. Each member of the corps is equipped with a power ring that manifests the bearer’s willpower as tangible forms of energy.

Reynolds will play Hal Jordan, a fearless test pilot whose bravery makes him the prime candidate to take over when the Green Lantern patrolling Earth‘s sector of space is killed.


The film is set for production to begin in January with Martin Campbell (producer of Casino Royale and other Bond’s films) running the show.  There has also been rumors that  Mr. Clark Kent aka Superman himself might make a possible cameo in the movie.  Sources say that Co-writer Marc Guggenheim has neither confirmed nor denied such rumors.

All in all, we expect a great finished product and will be counting down the days until the release.

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Bruno = Numero Uno?

We all know Sacha Baron Cohen for his memorable Ali G show and for the hit movie Borat. While Sacha Cohen does not have Oscar nominations knocking at his door, this film solidifies his versatility between roles and definitely keeps the laughter coming.


Sasha brings to the world the character of Bruno, a gay, Austrian, fashion talk show host.

Talk about complex!!

After his show gets canceled due to a backstage altercation and basically gets blacklisted from his country, Bruno decides to venture to LA to pursue his dream of fame and fortune. While the formula for the film seems to be extracted from Borat, by trading commentary on anti-semitism for homophobia, the film does accomplish its goal of being over the top and funny at the same time.


The movie also has much to say about American pop culture.  Bruno adopts an African baby which he acquires directly from Africa in exchange for an iPod and brings him on the Today with Richard Bay show, .  This scene attempts to take swipes at the Hollywood baby phenomenon, in particular to Angelina Jolie and Madonna.  The film is also highly sexual in its content and definitely goes the extra mile to produce the WOW factor that all the Bruno hype has led us to.

It is agreed upon that Bruno isn’t as up to par as Borat…I mean that movie was one of a kind.

However, if you are looking for a comedy that will have you laughing by any means necessary, Bruno is definitely the film for you.

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Michael Jackson: The Legend Remembered…

The world hasn’t been the same since the untimely death of Michael Jackson last week.  It is still almost surreal and fans from across the globe are grieving over the loss of one of the greatest pop icons of our time.


MJ was known for his theatrical performances and his killer dance moves.  Therefore, it was only appropriate that MJ‘s memorial was filled with star studded tribute performances, touching words from his family, and support from fans across the world.


The memorial was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with a packed audience of 17,500; not to mention the thousands of fans that waited outside the arena and an estimated several hundred million viewers from across the globe.

Several performances were held in his honor from Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, John Mayer, and Usher.  Sources say Mariah Carey’s performance wasn’t up to her usual standards due to her sentiments at the moment.  Nevertheless, the tributes were orchestrated beautifully with Usher’s rendition arguably the most touching.  He sang one of MJ‘s songs, “Gone to Soon”, which MJ had written in the early 90′s when one of his friends had passed away from HIV.

With all the stars in attendance, performers, and guest speakers, the moment of the memorial which probably brought the world to tears simultaneously was when  MJ‘s daughter Paris asked for the microphone.  She went on to say, “”I just wanted to say…ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine…and I just wanted to say I love him so much,”.


….And so does the rest of the world.

The memorial service highlighted Michael Jackson not only for his musical achievements, but also Michael Jackson the man.

And as his legend will continue to live on…the world will continue to celebrate his life and music.

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