Weaving the Web…Spiderman 4 Pushed Back to 2011

While this summer is slated to premier some great films such as Transformers 2, the highly anticipated Spider-Man 4 has been pushed all the way back to May 6, 2011!


Can we even wait that long? I suppose we have no choice, but in the mean time details of the film have began to unfold.

The latest star to sign back on the roster is Kirsten Dunst, securing her role as Spidey‘s love interest Mary Jane.  Rumors have been circulating that this film would include wedding bells for the two love birds, but producer Todd Black has insisted that these details were false.

One detail Black allowed himself to elaborate on is the next possible villain for the film? Could it be Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, the Hobgoblin, Mysterio, or Venom offspring Carnage and the Lizard?

Don’t think so…

Black stated in a recent interview that filming will begin very soon in New York and assured us that the villain would be something New Yorker’s would appreciate.  Perhaps, New York crime boss Kingpin?  I think he fits the description very well, while keeping the Spiderman plot fresh and grounded in reality.


2011 seems to far away?…Well let the Spiderman celebrations begin now!

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