Land of Lost: Will Ferrell Not Up to Par?

Will Ferrell is arguably one of the funniest actors around.  We all loved him in Old School, where he plays Frank the Tank or in Anchorman where he plays Ron Burgundy. The list continues on and on of all those movies and moments which nearly brought us to tears from so much laughter.


So what is all this buzz about the future of Will Ferrell’s career?

His latest movie, which he headlines, has received dismal reviews along with disastrous revenue.  Despite this current negativity circus that surrounds the movie, its Will Ferrell people…..He is recession proof and probably just made a wrong choice in roles.

The project was said to be a highly budgeted production.  However, while other films such as ‘The Hangover’, were able to spend around 40 million in promotion, ‘Land of the Lost’ opted for publicity through Will Ferrell appearances and a campaign marketed through Subway.  Who is their PR person or better yet producer of the film?

Nevertheless, while this film is a late thumb down for Will Ferrell at this stage in his career, I urge viewers to be their own judge and support the movie, in true Will Ferrell style.

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