Family Guy + iPhone= Awesome!

If you love witty, sarcastic, and hilarious cartoons…then you are definitely a fan of Family Guy.  And if you happen to be into technology and cell phones…then I’m sure you are an iPhone lover as well.

Well, the good news is that now both are accessible together….at all times, and only for $1.99!


Fox Mobile Entertainment has launched its first ever commercial application for the iPhone: The ‘Freakin’ Sweet Family Guy app!


This program can be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch.The application will include up to 20 show clips, as well as the ability for users to build their own video mix.

Users can also  directly purchase full-length ‘Family Guy’ episodes from iTunes.

The app includes four different character-driven video channels for best of Stewie, Brian, Peter, and Chris clips.  In addition, there are other special features available in the application such as the  “Peter Toss”, where Peter Griffin is tossed around a variety of backgrounds which sets off different sounds.

And what would the app be without a special section for the beloved Stewie called “Stewie Pin-Up,” where users can swap body parts to create a unique character.

But the fun doesn’t stop here….

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