Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid? Pit Stop in Paris….

Manchester United’s and World Soccer Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, has just been acquired by rival Real Madrid for a whopping $131 million dollar deal!


Last season, this same deal was proposed but Manchester United clearly had a change of heart this time around, especially since their beloved Portugese star has expressed his desire to leave.

So why now?

It has been speculated that relations were beginning to go awry between Ronaldo and manager Alex Ferguson.  Or perhaps Manchester United’s recent loss to Barcelona in the Champions League finals added just enough fuel to the fire?  Any logical being knows that money talks…and this time it spoke very loud! While we are on the topic of Ronaldo….Let’s talk about his other change in scenery…

Last night, Ronaldo was spotted out with heiress Paris Hilton and it was said the two could not keep their hands off one another.  How ironic!

Less than 24 hours after Hilton parted ways with former beau and Hills’ star Doug Reinhardt, the heiress and soccer superstar were seen at club MyHouse.  Talk about a celebration.


It has been reported that Paris had been on the prowl for Ronaldo for over a year, but the player was clearly not interested at the time.  A lot of changes for the soccer stud and heiress in the past few days. Let’s see how it all works out!

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