Carrie Prejean: Ms. Cali Dethroned!

We thought it was the end for beauty queen, Carrie Prejean, when she revealed her oh so tasteful remarks on gay marriage.


But no..

The world turned its cheek and moved on. But then semi nude photo’s of Ms. California mysteriously surfaced and threatened the terms of her contract.

And yet again…the world turned its cheek.

Just when we thought Prejean might stick around for a while….Mr. Trump says, “you are the weakest link, goodbye!”


Prejean was formally dethroned Thursday by pageant officials who cited the cause of termination as “breach of contract.” Officials stated that Prejean was unwilling to make appearances on behalf of the organization and Mr. Trump gave the green light to release her.  Although Trump had been willing to work with Carrie despite her recent scandals, this was the last straw.

But no tears need be shed…The new Ms. California USA has already been announced, Tami Farrell (Ms. Malibu).  It should be expected for the Prejean drama to drag out, but afterall, we are still talking about beauty queens aren’t we? This is all the sweet fluff that pageants are made of!


We wish the new Ms. California USA the best of luck as she steps into the line of fire. Hopefully she learned the lessons of looking pretty, acceptable media etiquette, and of course, showing up to events.

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