Britney and the Circus Comes to Town!

Britney Spears is back and is bringing the Circus along with her!

Britney Spears kicked off her tour in Britain Tuesday night and brought all the childlike fun, fantasy, and flirtation to her act.  The Theatrics of the show did not end at Britney’s pure sexiness, the show boasted unicycles, clowns, and of course the famous saw-me-in-a-box rendition.

Everyone loves the circus right? Well the Britney Circus will be sure to leave fans craving for more!

Celebrate the come back queen’s revival in true Circus fashion with these great looks and accessories

Giggles The Clown Adult Plus CostumeAdult Formal Clown CostumeAdult Neon Daisy Clown HatBlack and White Checkerboard Large Clown ShoesGiant Bozo Bow Tie

1.Giggles The Clown Adult Plus Costume

2. Adult Formal Clown Costume

3. Adult Neon Daisy Clown Hat

4. Black and White Checkerboard Large Clown Shoes

5. Giant Bozo Bow Tie


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