A Nursery Rhyme Turned to Crime

Keep your eyes peeled for the Humpty Dumpty Costume poached from a Children and the Arts Festival in Peterborough, New Hampshire last month.  The rotund outfit was stolen from the Petersborough Players troupe along with a Cheshire Cat Costume at the conclusion of the festival’s parade and while the sly cat has since been returned, police are still searching for that famed clumsy egg.  You can read the entire news story here and have your own adventures through the looking glass with one of our Alice in Wonderland Costumes.  We’ve got Humpty himself, the guillotine-happy Queen of Hearts, a Sexy Cheshire Kitten, classic Mad Hatter top hat and more than a few Alices to choose from.  So get cracking on the case and help track down a wayward wall-sitter so this theatre company doesn’t have to scramble and shell out more dough for their disguises.


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