A 20-Year High School Costume Reunion

It’s been two decades years since the serio-comic students of Bayside High made their TV debut on the popular show Saved By The Bell and talk show host Jimmy Fallon thinks the time is ripe for a reunion.  The Late Night host has even set up an online petition for fans of the series to sign so they can get the cast together one more time.  This kind of enthusiasm for a program that might otherwise have been forgotten cries out for creative costuming to match.  Just in time for the graduating class, take a look at our studious selections from ‘50s-era Grease outfits to hot High School Musical costumes & accessories, boy wizard-in-training Harry Potter disguises and Sexy Schoolgirl looks.  You’ll undoubtedly get straight As in one of our Nerd costumes, though it might not make you the Prom King, so pick from our multiple choices wisely because the disguise you wear is going on your permanent record!


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