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Dillinger, Dinosaurs and Independence

The 4th of July holiday weekend is almost here but there’s still enough time to order a patriotic costume to help you celebrate your freedom with family, friends and fireworks.  Before you cool down the drinks and get the grill going, however, there are two new movies that also cry out for a creative costume.  July 1 is the release date for the animated sequel Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the gangster thriller Public Enemies, so choose from our prehistoric costumes for kids and roaring twenties outfits for adults to mark the occasion.  So get busy hunting, gathering, robbing banks, and declaring your independence in any of our cool costumes and have a happy holiday in disguise!

Family Guy + iPhone= Awesome!

If you love witty, sarcastic, and hilarious cartoons…then you are definitely a fan of Family Guy.  And if you happen to be into technology and cell phones…then I’m sure you are an iPhone lover as well.

Well, the good news is that now both are accessible together….at all times, and only for $1.99!


Fox Mobile Entertainment has launched its first ever commercial application for the iPhone: The ‘Freakin’ Sweet Family Guy app!


This program can be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch.The application will include up to 20 show clips, as well as the ability for users to build their own video mix.

Users can also  directly purchase full-length ‘Family Guy’ episodes from iTunes.

The app includes four different character-driven video channels for best of Stewie, Brian, Peter, and Chris clips.  In addition, there are other special features available in the application such as the  “Peter Toss”, where Peter Griffin is tossed around a variety of backgrounds which sets off different sounds.

And what would the app be without a special section for the beloved Stewie called “Stewie Pin-Up,” where users can swap body parts to create a unique character.

But the fun doesn’t stop here….

Recreate your own Family Guy look with our exclusive costumes and accessories:

Adult Stewie Griffin Vinyl MaskAdult Stewie Griffin Costume Peter Griffin Vinyl Mask

Michael Jackson: R.I.P King of Pop

Yesterday was surely a day the world will remember forever.  June 25th will forever be etched in our minds as the day the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has passed. The world sits today with heavy hearts as we realize our beloved pop icon has gone so suddenly.


MJ was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon  after a 911 emergency call from his Holmby Hills home. Michael had suffered cardiac arrest and when the paramedics arrived, he was found with no pulse and was unresponsive.  Sources say that Michael was dead already when help arrived.  He was rushed to UCLA Medical center where physicians tried to revive him, but were unsuccessful.

This news came as a complete shock to the world as MJ had just announced a series of 50 concerts in London’s O2 Arena that was scheduled to begin on July 13th. It was said that tickets were sold out completely in under an hour.


Michael is survived by his three children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

While Michael is gone from the physical world, his legacy is sure to surpass the ages.  While most of his career took off way before the digital world we live in today, MJ had the top five album downloads on iTunes store and seven of the top 10 this morning. In addition, in’s CD section, the top 15 sellers were by Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5. And certainly this trend will continue to remain constant.

Despite all of MJ‘s allegations and repeated attempts by others to tarnish his reputation, he is the true King of Pop and he will live on through his music.

But lets celebrate his life in true MJ style, check out one of his #1 hits Beat it:

And for those die hard fans who would like to pay homage to Michael, check out our exclusive costume:
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Alice in Wonderland: Burton-ized

While we anticipate the release of several films, one that cannot come soon enough is Tim Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland.


Today, photos from the set were released and are said to have fans drooling for more. Legendary Producer Tim Burton is famous for films such as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. With that roster, it is no surprise to us on who is casted as the Mad Hatter, Burton’s all star, Johnny Depp. Also announced in this star studded lineup is Helena Bonham Carter (Burton’s fiance) as the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Mia Wasikowska as Alice.


The film has been scheduled to be released March 5, 2010. Many critics have stated that this just might be Burton’s best film ever. It is filled with vivid scenery, but yet the very same dark edge he is famous for. I mean, The Red Queen boasts a moat filled up from the results of her famous command,”off with his head!” However, the movie is still children friendly.

Enough said!

Yes, the tale has been officially Burton-ized!

Check out the trailer :

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Perez Hilton Gets His Serving of Black Eyed Peas

Yesterday was supposed to be your average star studded event in Toronto for last night’s MuchMusic Awards.  The red carpet was freshly rolled out for all the fabulous celebrities, and the paparazzi was there to catch it all. Wherever any gossip can be conjured, there you will find celeb blogger Perez Hilton. But to his surprise, instead of blogging about who wore what and who is kissing who, it was he who actually became the news of the night!

Hilton allegedly claimed via twitter that Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas assaulted him…


He tweeted: ” I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

Oh My!..Assaulted by Will.I.Am…Really?

So what could possibly be the details surrounding this altercation? I mean Will.I.Am is not exactly notorious for going around beating people up.


It was stated that Fergie approached Hilton at the after party at club Ultra, questioning his harsh criticisms of the group. No details of that conversation have been released, but it was stated that Fergie described Hilton as rude and relayed it back to Will.I.Am. However, it wasn’t until the next after party at club Ultra where Hilton and Will.I.Am exchanged words.  Hilton allegedly called Will.I.Am a f*ggot after he was again questioned on his disdain towards the group.  Hilton also supposedly stated he did not respect him (Will.I.Am) and upon this heated exchange, Perez was assaulted.

But according to TMZ, it was general manager, Polo Molina, of the Black Eyed Peas who was the true assailant. He actually turned himself in to the authorities this morning.

Well, I’m sure we ‘ll be kept posted as the drama unfolds…perhaps Perez Hilton needs a security unit in the mean time so he can safely resume back to his normal blogging activities..


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Celeb Baby Buzz..Tis The Season to be Pregnant!

As summer sets in, it seems as if love is truly in the air.  In recent weeks, we have either heard about some of our favorite celebs announcing that they are expecting  their first child or that they are expecting their new arrival any moment now. We know the paparazzi will be stalking them right up until the emergency room and after, so we have a few suggestions on how to have fun when dressing the little one’s…

Here are the latest star couple’s who are currently pregnant:

1. Kendra & Hank Baskett-

Kendra baby

It was a shocker to us all when Kendra, former bunny and Hef’s former arm candy left the mansion.  Next thing we know she is engaged to Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, and now she has announced that they are expecting their first child.  Motherhood and the Playboy Mansion are words that are not synonymous with one another, but we are confident that Kendra will be an amazing mom. Being that Kendra is a former bunny and Hank an NFL player here are 2 outfits that will be reminiscent of mommy and daddy, while being oh so cute:

Child Touch Down Bunting CostumeBaby Sweet Bunny Bunting Costume

2. Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady-


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady have just informed the public of their recent baby news.  This will be Gisele’s first child and Tom’s second (first with ex girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan).  After what seemed to be a never ending relationship between Gisele and Leonardo DiCaprio, it seems she is finally complete with NFL superstar husband and family on the way. We picture little Gisele in those famous Victoria Secret wings and little Brady ready to go in his Daddy’s uniform:

Lil' Linebacker Infant/Toddler Costume Baby Angel Costume

3. Nas & Kelis:


While this will be the first child of the Hip Hop duo, their celebration is not as enthusiastic as the previous couples.  Kelis has just recently filed for divorce, siting irreconcilable differences.(It has been rumored that Nas was unfaitful throughout the relationship)  We would hope the two would split amicably, but the guns are loaded for this one.  Kelis is reportedly demanding spousal support of $80,000 a month in baby expenses. Nas on the other hand is not even trying to pay her lawyer fees.

Well, too bad this one had to go down the drain, but baby Nas or Kelis should be ready to rock out just like their superstar parents in these little get ups:

Child Future Rock Star Boy CostumeChild Future Rock Star Girl Costume

With baby season running rampant, be sure to check out for your little one’s party supplies, toys, and costumes.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; Bailing out GM?…Not Quite

The countdown to the premiere of Transformers begins, as the highly anticipated film of the summer hits theaters June 24th. The star studded cast of Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, and Josh Duhamel will all be returning for the sequel that will be equipped with all the action and excitement as the first installment.


The movie is slated to rake in millions and debut #1 at the box office, but was Director Michael Bay worried about making ends meet?

Well maybe just a tad….

It had been reported that the failing General Motors was a big concern for the director, due to their agreement from the first film and their financial woes in 2009. GM was responsible for supplying some of their upcoming vehicles, including the Chevy Volt and  to supply fantasy concept vehicles as well.  In total, GM supplied 67 vehicles, and 52 of those were non-resalable.


However, it was stated that the film‘s budget fronted GM the money for the assembly of cars and that the bill was almost left unpaid! Bay stated jokingly in a USA Today article, “I was like, We better get our check fast before they go bankrupt.”

After, much pressure from Bay, the check was finally received, sent through regular mail!

Talk about hard times….

But with the tremendous exposure that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will receive, it’s not such a bad idea for GM to get all the promotion they can get.  I mean, Bumblebee is a celebrity around the world.

Well enough of the finances…check out the new trailer:

Be sure to countdown the days to the premiere in true Transformer spirit: Check out our latest costumes here at that will sure to keep the frenzy alive!

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1. Transformers Optimus Prime Deluxe Adult Costume

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Virtual Internship Openings for Internet Writers is looking for virtual interns!

We are currently offering internships for Internet Writers. Social networking experience is a plus.

Bella Brands, LLC, dba, provides well known and sought after brands of unique entertainment and fun products of high quality and value to consumers, via ecommerce and electronic marketing, as well as implementing innovative promotional activities across the United States.  We are amongst the United States largest suppliers of costumes and accessories for the Motion Picture Industry, production companies, and theater groups. specializes in providing costumes for adults and kids, accessories and props, wigs and hats, masks, as well as toys and other collectables.  In addition, we have added a whole new section of festive party decorations and related party supplies.

Benefits for Our Interns:

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*Flexible Hours and Virtual Office: You can work from anywhere in the world.  We have deadlines, but very flexible hours.

Internet Writer Qualifications:

-Must be at least 17
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Intern Writer Description:

-Work in a virtual office setting
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How to Apply:

Send an email to: with the subject “HTC Internship”

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Carrie Prejean: Ms. Cali Dethroned!

We thought it was the end for beauty queen, Carrie Prejean, when she revealed her oh so tasteful remarks on gay marriage.


But no..

The world turned its cheek and moved on. But then semi nude photo’s of Ms. California mysteriously surfaced and threatened the terms of her contract.

And yet again…the world turned its cheek.

Just when we thought Prejean might stick around for a while….Mr. Trump says, “you are the weakest link, goodbye!”


Prejean was formally dethroned Thursday by pageant officials who cited the cause of termination as “breach of contract.” Officials stated that Prejean was unwilling to make appearances on behalf of the organization and Mr. Trump gave the green light to release her.  Although Trump had been willing to work with Carrie despite her recent scandals, this was the last straw.

But no tears need be shed…The new Ms. California USA has already been announced, Tami Farrell (Ms. Malibu).  It should be expected for the Prejean drama to drag out, but afterall, we are still talking about beauty queens aren’t we? This is all the sweet fluff that pageants are made of!


We wish the new Ms. California USA the best of luck as she steps into the line of fire. Hopefully she learned the lessons of looking pretty, acceptable media etiquette, and of course, showing up to events.

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Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid? Pit Stop in Paris….

Manchester United’s and World Soccer Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo, has just been acquired by rival Real Madrid for a whopping $131 million dollar deal!


Last season, this same deal was proposed but Manchester United clearly had a change of heart this time around, especially since their beloved Portugese star has expressed his desire to leave.

So why now?

It has been speculated that relations were beginning to go awry between Ronaldo and manager Alex Ferguson.  Or perhaps Manchester United’s recent loss to Barcelona in the Champions League finals added just enough fuel to the fire?  Any logical being knows that money talks…and this time it spoke very loud! While we are on the topic of Ronaldo….Let’s talk about his other change in scenery…

Last night, Ronaldo was spotted out with heiress Paris Hilton and it was said the two could not keep their hands off one another.  How ironic!

Less than 24 hours after Hilton parted ways with former beau and Hills’ star Doug Reinhardt, the heiress and soccer superstar were seen at club MyHouse.  Talk about a celebration.


It has been reported that Paris had been on the prowl for Ronaldo for over a year, but the player was clearly not interested at the time.  A lot of changes for the soccer stud and heiress in the past few days. Let’s see how it all works out!

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