Star Trek Is #1, Top Star Trek Costumes

Child Star Trek: The Next Generation Jumpsuit CostumeStar Trek Klingon Communication BadgeAdult Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Engineer Costume

J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek film, titled just Star Trek, smashed into theatres this weekend with $72.5 million, making it the number one movie in America.  The film, starring Chris Pine and Heroes‘ Zachary Quinto, is wowing critics and audiences alike, earning more in its first three days than the last two films earned in their entire runs!  BY earning double what any of the previous ten Star Trek movies made in its opening weekend, this film, by the creator of ABC’s Lost and Cloverfield, should become the highest grossing film in this Sci-Fi franchise by the end of the week.

With this kind of success, you should show your support by donning your favorite Federation uniform and exploring the galaxy in a Star Trek Costume!  Here are some of the best Star Trek costumes, and some great classic science fiction costumes fit for any adventure:

1. Kid’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Jumpsuit – Red (Command)

2. Adult Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (and Star Trek: Voyager) Uniform – Yellow (Engineer)

3. Adult Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Costume – Yellow (Engineer)

4. Adult Cardassian Mask (very scary!)

    You can also check out these Star Trek communicators and Star Wars costumes and accessories, including the ever adorable Star Wars Dog costumes.


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