Night at the Museum Fever Hits Costume Seekers

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is the number one film in America, and people are going crazy about it.  The sequel to the hit Ben Stiller film from 2006, this film features everyone’s favorite characters from the original, plus a few cool new ones, getting into lots of crazy trouble in our nation’s capitol.  The movie is doing so well, it beat out the new Terminator Salvation movie, even though Terminator had an extra day.

The best part of the Night at the Museum movies is the eclectic cast of characters, sure to be popular all year long, especially come Halloween time.  I figured we’d round up some costumes letting you dress like your favorite character:

The best new character in the movie is Amelia Earhart, played by Amy Adams.  The flying pioneer, who dissapeared while aiming to make the longest flight around the world, is the love interest in the new film and has all the best lines, and you can look like her with this Heroes In History Amelia Earhart Costume Set.  It includes a white aviator helmet, goggles, and white scarf.

Pharoah Adult CostumePharoah Child CostumeAdult Egyptian King Tut Hat

The big villain of the movie is the fictional Pharoah Kahmunrah, played by the Simpsons Hank Azaria.  To look like the ancient Egyptian ruler, try one of these: the Pharoah Adult Costume, the Pharoah Child Costume or the Adult Egyptian King Tut Hat.

Teddy Roosevelt Adult CostumeHeroes In History Theodore RooseveltTeddy Roosevelt Child Costume

What’s really amazing is that you can get this incredibly detailed Teddy Roosevelt Adult Costume, complete with jacket with belt, jodhpurs, hat, bandana, glasses and moustache.  You”ll look like you stole Robin Williams clothes from the movie!  Also good is this Heroes In History Theodore Roosevelt Costume Set, or the Teddy Roosevelt Child Costume, just like the adult version, just smaller.

Napoleon Designer Collection Adult CostumeNapoleon HatNapoleon Child Costume

Finally, there’s Napoleon, who teams up with the evil pharoah (kind of a given).  This Napoleon Designer Collection Adult Costume features Tricorn hat, jabot, vest, waistcoat and knickers, and is one of the fancier costumes available.  You can also get just the Napoleon Hat, or get your kid the Napoleon Child Costume, whatever you need.

Just don’t make a mistake and order the Napoleon Dynamite Costumes.


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