Fabled Missing Link is Found; You Can Be One, Too

The biggest news on Google today is that scientists found a a 47 million-year-old fossil of a primate that appears to be the “Holy Grail” of evolution, the so-called Missing Link itself between humans and apes.  Dubbed Darwinius Masillae (since it is proving Darwin’s theory of evolution), the almost perfectly intact specimen is causing a ton of discussion online.  Google dedicated their logo today to the discovery:

The lemur-like creature has opposable thumbs, is named Ida, and will likely be a part of scientific history for centuries, if not forever.  When I hear of a link finally being found between man and ape, I think, “How can I help man become more like ape?”  As a result, here are the top 6 monkey costumes at Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com:

1. Adult Gorilla Costume (pictured above, with optional giant inflatable banana) – fits most adults, baffles most evolutionary theorists

2. Adult Baboon Mask – What coupld be cuter than a giant red ape nose and blue dimples?  Yeah, just about anything

3. Toddler Cuddly Monkey Costume – Your little monkey will look like one too, with attached ears, mittens and even cute litle monkey toes!

4. Barrel Of Monkeys Adult Costume (pictured below) – comes with the barrel, plus two hand puppets, so you can have your own little Missing Link Family

5. Curious George Foam Masks (4 count) – put one on each member of your family and drive the scientific community crazy

6. Baby Flying Monkey of Oz Bunting Costume – Dress your little one as a terror straight out of the Wizard of Oz… and he still looks so cute!

Barrel Of Monkeys Adult Costume at Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com Curious George Foam Masks at Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com Baby Flying Monkey of Oz Bunting Costume

Here are some great articles I found about this story:


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