A Tropical Vacation in Your Own Backyard

The month of May is already on the decline and kids will be done with another school year soon enough.  Without packing the car or booking a flight, what’s the best way to celebrate the change of seasons and newfound freedom that comes with a long-awaited summer vacation?  Why, throwing a party of course!  One of the most festive party themes for summertime is a Hawaiian Luau.  Guys can wear Aloha Shirts, girls can wear Grass Hula Skirts, and we’ve even got an Island Costume for Dogs too!  Polynesian Masks, Coconut Bras and Flower Leis make for some colorful and creative additions to the Luau.  Say Aloha (hello) to fun and Aloha (goodbye) to typical backyard parties – transform your home into a lush paradise with these costumes and accessories perfect for a Hawaiian theme this summer.


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