12,000 New Products, New Party Supplies Section at Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com

Hollywood Toys and Costumes.com has rolled out a major expansion of their website, adding an astounding 12,000 new products, running the gamut from great new costumes, masks, toys and more. You’ll find all new products in almost any category, so if you haven’t found the perfect sexy costume or the cutest kids costume, you are sure to get exactly what you need now.

In addition, they’ve added a whole new section for Party Supplies. This section comes chock-full of stuff like party balloons, party-themed tableware, birthday candles and other candles, party hats, party gifts, cake and decorating tools, and way more (over 3,000 products in all!). There are even these amazing full-on party kits, with absolutely everything you need to make a party featuring your kid’s favorite character plastered over everything!

Here are some of the cool kits I found:

This Diego-themed Party Kit contains everything you need to throw your kid a party featuring Diego, Dora the Explorer‘s cousin from Nickelodeon’s Go Diego Go! cartoon.  It has eight guests worth of stuff, including:

8- 9″ Dinner Plates, 8- 7″ Dessert Plates, 16 Lunch Napkins, 8- 9 oz. Paper Cups, 1 Plastic Tablecover, 24 Piece Orange Peel Cutlery Set* – 8 Forks, 8 Spoons, 8 Knives; 1 Centerpiece, 24 Black Cake Candles*, 8 Invitations with envelopes and Thank You Postcards, 1- 18″ Foil Balloon with balloon cup* and balloon stick*, 6 – 12″ Go Diego Go Printed Latex Balloons; 3- 81′ Crepe Streamers* – 1 each; Bright Orange, Sapphire Blue and Brown; 3- 75′ Curling Ribbons* – 1 each; Orange, Royal Blue and Daffodil; 18- 12″ Latex Balloons* – 6 each; Bright Orange, Bright Blue and Deep Jade.

That is a ridiculous amount of stuff!  What more could you need?  They even sell Diego party add-on packs, with extra plates, cutlery, invitations and thank you cards, so you can order the exact amount necessary for your guests.

Or how about this crazy 70′s Disco Deluxe Party Pack:

Like the Diego kit, but obviously for nostalgic adults and not kids, this contains everything you need for a party for 8 with a wild disco theme, including:

8- 9″ Metallic Dinner Plates, 8- 7″ Metallic Dessert Plates, 16 Lunch Napkins, 16 Beverage Napkins, 1- 54″ x 102″ Paper Tablecover, 8- 16 oz. Black Plastic Cups, 24 Piece Black Cutlery Set – 8 Forks, 8 Spoons, 8 Knives, 1 Prismatic Centerpiece, 1 Package of Prismatic Foil Confetti, 1- 18″ Foil Balloon, 1 Balloon Cup, 1- 16″ Balloon Stick, 3- 81′ Crepe Streamers – 1 each; Hot Pink, Sapphire Blue, Apple Green, 3- 75′ Curling Ribbons – 1 each; Cerise, Royal Blue, Lime, 18- 12″ Latex Balloons – 6 each; Satin Raspberry, Bright Blue, Kiwi Lime.

Wow, what a great time you’ll have with that!  Check out the rest of their party kits at this link, and all the new Party Supplies by clicking here.


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