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Delightful Disguises for Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is less than a month away and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the proud padres in your life.  Most Dads like sports, so peruse our diverse selection of Sports Costumes and give one as a perfect present come June 21st.  For a father who may have been born in the ‘50s or ‘60s, take him back to his youth – a time of wide lapels and funky disco dancing – in any of our swinging 1970s Costumes.  Maybe Dad’s a tough guy who lays down the law when he has to, so show him the respect he deserves and give him a sense of authority in a Police Officer Costume.  It’s possible that wearing a costume just isn’t his thing, but that doesn’t mean the kids have to dress up in their Sunday best.  Seeing his children in an amusing disguise is sure to bring a smile to any Dad’s face; find a funny outfit for the little ones and prepare for loads of laughter.  So go ahead and celebrate Father’s Day with costumes as gifts for Dad or adorable outfits for the kids – either way it’s sure to be an unforgettable holiday!

Night at the Museum Fever Hits Costume Seekers

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is the number one film in America, and people are going crazy about it.  The sequel to the hit Ben Stiller film from 2006, this film features everyone’s favorite characters from the original, plus a few cool new ones, getting into lots of crazy trouble in our nation’s capitol.  The movie is doing so well, it beat out the new Terminator Salvation movie, even though Terminator had an extra day.

The best part of the Night at the Museum movies is the eclectic cast of characters, sure to be popular all year long, especially come Halloween time.  I figured we’d round up some costumes letting you dress like your favorite character:

The best new character in the movie is Amelia Earhart, played by Amy Adams.  The flying pioneer, who dissapeared while aiming to make the longest flight around the world, is the love interest in the new film and has all the best lines, and you can look like her with this Heroes In History Amelia Earhart Costume Set.  It includes a white aviator helmet, goggles, and white scarf.

Pharoah Adult CostumePharoah Child CostumeAdult Egyptian King Tut Hat

The big villain of the movie is the fictional Pharoah Kahmunrah, played by the Simpsons Hank Azaria.  To look like the ancient Egyptian ruler, try one of these: the Pharoah Adult Costume, the Pharoah Child Costume or the Adult Egyptian King Tut Hat.

Teddy Roosevelt Adult CostumeHeroes In History Theodore RooseveltTeddy Roosevelt Child Costume

What’s really amazing is that you can get this incredibly detailed Teddy Roosevelt Adult Costume, complete with jacket with belt, jodhpurs, hat, bandana, glasses and moustache.  You”ll look like you stole Robin Williams clothes from the movie!  Also good is this Heroes In History Theodore Roosevelt Costume Set, or the Teddy Roosevelt Child Costume, just like the adult version, just smaller.

Napoleon Designer Collection Adult CostumeNapoleon HatNapoleon Child Costume

Finally, there’s Napoleon, who teams up with the evil pharoah (kind of a given).  This Napoleon Designer Collection Adult Costume features Tricorn hat, jabot, vest, waistcoat and knickers, and is one of the fancier costumes available.  You can also get just the Napoleon Hat, or get your kid the Napoleon Child Costume, whatever you need.

Just don’t make a mistake and order the Napoleon Dynamite Costumes.

4th of July Costumes to Help Heat Up the Summer

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone after relaxing barbecues with family and friends, grand parades, and solemn moments of remembrance, so our focus now shifts to the next major costume holiday, Independence Day.  By the time July 4th arrives, summer will be in full swing, so you’ll want to choose a costume for the occasion that doesn’t leave you sweltering in the sun.  For the festive women who don’t mind showing a little skin, we recommend one of our patriotic (and provocative) outfits such as the Sexy All-American Babe or Sexy Miss Firecracker.  A more demure option for ladies to help mark the USA’s b-day is our Adult Statue of Liberty Costume.  Guys, become an esteemed mixologist to your party guests in this Fourth of July Paper Bar Vest Costume, or just get entirely decked out in red, white, and blue when you put on an iconic Uncle Sam Costume.  The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the freedom we enjoy here in the United States; show your enthusiasm and respect by donning a patriotic costume to wish the country a Happy 233rd Birthday!

12,000 New Products, New Party Supplies Section at Hollywood Toys and

Hollywood Toys and has rolled out a major expansion of their website, adding an astounding 12,000 new products, running the gamut from great new costumes, masks, toys and more. You’ll find all new products in almost any category, so if you haven’t found the perfect sexy costume or the cutest kids costume, you are sure to get exactly what you need now.

In addition, they’ve added a whole new section for Party Supplies. This section comes chock-full of stuff like party balloons, party-themed tableware, birthday candles and other candles, party hats, party gifts, cake and decorating tools, and way more (over 3,000 products in all!). There are even these amazing full-on party kits, with absolutely everything you need to make a party featuring your kid’s favorite character plastered over everything!

Here are some of the cool kits I found:

This Diego-themed Party Kit contains everything you need to throw your kid a party featuring Diego, Dora the Explorer‘s cousin from Nickelodeon’s Go Diego Go! cartoon.  It has eight guests worth of stuff, including:

8- 9″ Dinner Plates, 8- 7″ Dessert Plates, 16 Lunch Napkins, 8- 9 oz. Paper Cups, 1 Plastic Tablecover, 24 Piece Orange Peel Cutlery Set* – 8 Forks, 8 Spoons, 8 Knives; 1 Centerpiece, 24 Black Cake Candles*, 8 Invitations with envelopes and Thank You Postcards, 1- 18″ Foil Balloon with balloon cup* and balloon stick*, 6 – 12″ Go Diego Go Printed Latex Balloons; 3- 81′ Crepe Streamers* – 1 each; Bright Orange, Sapphire Blue and Brown; 3- 75′ Curling Ribbons* – 1 each; Orange, Royal Blue and Daffodil; 18- 12″ Latex Balloons* – 6 each; Bright Orange, Bright Blue and Deep Jade.

That is a ridiculous amount of stuff!  What more could you need?  They even sell Diego party add-on packs, with extra plates, cutlery, invitations and thank you cards, so you can order the exact amount necessary for your guests.

Or how about this crazy 70′s Disco Deluxe Party Pack:

Like the Diego kit, but obviously for nostalgic adults and not kids, this contains everything you need for a party for 8 with a wild disco theme, including:

8- 9″ Metallic Dinner Plates, 8- 7″ Metallic Dessert Plates, 16 Lunch Napkins, 16 Beverage Napkins, 1- 54″ x 102″ Paper Tablecover, 8- 16 oz. Black Plastic Cups, 24 Piece Black Cutlery Set – 8 Forks, 8 Spoons, 8 Knives, 1 Prismatic Centerpiece, 1 Package of Prismatic Foil Confetti, 1- 18″ Foil Balloon, 1 Balloon Cup, 1- 16″ Balloon Stick, 3- 81′ Crepe Streamers – 1 each; Hot Pink, Sapphire Blue, Apple Green, 3- 75′ Curling Ribbons – 1 each; Cerise, Royal Blue, Lime, 18- 12″ Latex Balloons – 6 each; Satin Raspberry, Bright Blue, Kiwi Lime.

Wow, what a great time you’ll have with that!  Check out the rest of their party kits at this link, and all the new Party Supplies by clicking here.

Spend a Night at the Costume Museum

Rarely does a film come along with so many recognizable historical figures, but the new Ben Stiller action comedy Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian succeeds in assembling icons from centuries ago for a hilarious big-screen adventure.  Fortunately for costumers, we’ve got great outfits to re-create each of these famous heroes and villains for parties in and out of the house.  US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are among the usually immobile exhibits brought to life, along with French leader Napoleon Bonaparte and Egyptian pharaoh Kah Mun Rah.  Check out our disguises for the other characters like the ancient Roman Octavius, Chicago gangster Al Capone and Star Wars cyborg Darth Vader.  Ladies can choose to wear a sexier look for aviatrix Amelia Earhart or Native American trailblazer Sacagawea among others.  You don’t have to go to a museum (or the theater) to see the past’s most renowned personalities, put on one of the costumes above and get ready to give a history lesson to those around you!

Get Airborne in These High-Flying Disguises

It was 82 years ago today that aviator Charles Lindbergh made the first non-stop solo trans-Atlantic flight in his single engine plane the Spirit of St. Louis.  Can you imagine what life was like in 1927 when he took this daring trip from New York to Paris?  Prohibition was in effect, the Great Depression was two years away, and a famed New York Yankees baseball team dubbed “Murderer’s Row” was on their way to a pennant behind slugger Babe Ruth.  Clearly it was a very different time than we are now accustomed to, but you can at least get a sense of what fashion was like for Lindy in these classic Aviator Costumes.  We’ve got a sexy historical look for Fly Girls, goggles and scarves to accessorize your airborne outfit, or you can get up to super-sonic speed in a modern pilot uniform.  So take off into blue skies with an authentic-looking aviator costume and earn your wings at ground level!

Fabled Missing Link is Found; You Can Be One, Too

The biggest news on Google today is that scientists found a a 47 million-year-old fossil of a primate that appears to be the “Holy Grail” of evolution, the so-called Missing Link itself between humans and apes.  Dubbed Darwinius Masillae (since it is proving Darwin’s theory of evolution), the almost perfectly intact specimen is causing a ton of discussion online.  Google dedicated their logo today to the discovery:

The lemur-like creature has opposable thumbs, is named Ida, and will likely be a part of scientific history for centuries, if not forever.  When I hear of a link finally being found between man and ape, I think, “How can I help man become more like ape?”  As a result, here are the top 6 monkey costumes at Hollywood Toys and

1. Adult Gorilla Costume (pictured above, with optional giant inflatable banana) – fits most adults, baffles most evolutionary theorists

2. Adult Baboon Mask – What coupld be cuter than a giant red ape nose and blue dimples?  Yeah, just about anything

3. Toddler Cuddly Monkey Costume – Your little monkey will look like one too, with attached ears, mittens and even cute litle monkey toes!

4. Barrel Of Monkeys Adult Costume (pictured below) – comes with the barrel, plus two hand puppets, so you can have your own little Missing Link Family

5. Curious George Foam Masks (4 count) – put one on each member of your family and drive the scientific community crazy

6. Baby Flying Monkey of Oz Bunting Costume – Dress your little one as a terror straight out of the Wizard of Oz… and he still looks so cute!

Barrel Of Monkeys Adult Costume at Hollywood Toys and Curious George Foam Masks at Hollywood Toys and Baby Flying Monkey of Oz Bunting Costume

Here are some great articles I found about this story:

On the Highway to Hell

Satan made an appearance at the Tour of Italy cycling race over the weekend, but it wasn’t the feared Prince of Darkness himself, rather well-known German fan Didi Senft in a red devil costume.  Didi got the inspiration for his outfit from announcers who often refer to the final kilometer of a race as “The Red Devil’s Lap.”  As you can see in this picture, Didi really stands out from the pack as he jogs barefoot alongside the competitors while carrying a pitchfork.  Although we don’t advocate our readers getting quite this close to the action while in costume, you can find a helluva lot of great devil outfits here.  Don’t forget the horns, wigs, capes, goatee and masks to complete your boffo Beelzebub look!

Playoff Fever: Top NBA & NHL Costumes

The NBA playoffs and NHL playoffs are in full swing, and any self-respecting fan knows how important it is to support the team.  We’ve got some cute basketball costumes pictured above, perfect while you watch Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets take on Kobe Bryant’s Lakers tomorrow night and Lebron James chase a shot at the championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers against Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic.

Here are the NBA basketball costumes shown above:

  • Adult Game Face Basketball Mask – Yeah, it’s frightening, but that makes it the perfect mask to wear when trying to psyche out the other team’s free throw shooter.  Particularly useful against Dwight Howard
  • Child Deluxe Troy Bolton Game Costume – I’m not gonna lie, as a basketball fan, this one bothers me.  Yes, the only basketball uniform I could find was from High School Musical.  Well, at least the selection of High School Musical costumes is incredibly comprehensive.
  • Child Deluxe Troy Warmup Suit Costume – Another High School Musical Costume?  You must hate me now.  We wanted to talk about the NBA playoffs, but this is the material we had to work with.  Here, join High School Musical star Zac Efron in making fun of the whole phenomenon, including the basketball portions of his three high movies:

As for the NHL playoffs, the most popular hockey-related costumes are those featuring the hockey mask-faced Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.  Sure, Jason never seems to actually play hockey, but I’ll bet these hockey costumes would scare the hell out of anyone trying to make a penalty shot, whether you’re trying to frighten Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Carolina Hurricanes Eric Staal, the Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk, or any one of a number of talented Chicago Blackhawks.  Here are some of Jason’s scariest looks:

Adult Deluxe Jason CostumeAdult Jason Overhead MaskChild Jason Costume

A Tropical Vacation in Your Own Backyard

The month of May is already on the decline and kids will be done with another school year soon enough.  Without packing the car or booking a flight, what’s the best way to celebrate the change of seasons and newfound freedom that comes with a long-awaited summer vacation?  Why, throwing a party of course!  One of the most festive party themes for summertime is a Hawaiian Luau.  Guys can wear Aloha Shirts, girls can wear Grass Hula Skirts, and we’ve even got an Island Costume for Dogs too!  Polynesian Masks, Coconut Bras and Flower Leis make for some colorful and creative additions to the Luau.  Say Aloha (hello) to fun and Aloha (goodbye) to typical backyard parties – transform your home into a lush paradise with these costumes and accessories perfect for a Hawaiian theme this summer.