Preparing for a Season of Angel & Demon Costumes

Stories and images of angels and demons continue to draw out our deepest fears and hopes.  For that reason, angel costumes and demon costumes are always in demand.  There are those who want to show off their angelic side or explore their demonic nature, and for them we have quite the collection of angel costumes, demon masks and devil costumes.   The on-going battle between good angels and evil demons will resume on the big screen May 15, with the much-anticipated release of Angels & Demons.  Accomplished film director Ron Howard once again donned the director’s hat and re-teamed with Tom Hanks, the 2-time Best Actor Oscar winner.  Hanks reprises his role as Professor Robert Langdon to solve another religious mystery involving the Vatican.  The action takes place in and around Vatican City in Rome, where Professor Langdon takes on an ancient and secretive group of sinister scientists called the Illuminati who are engaged in a plot to tear down the Papacy.  For a quick look at this whodunit thriller, check out the trailer for Angels & Demons from YouTube!


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