Fiesta-Ready Cinco de Mayo Costumes – Olé!

Hey all you Blog fans, it’s almost time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and Gringos alike will get together to celebrate the anniversary of the Mexican army’s defeat over French military forces on May 5th, 1862.  No doubt the upcoming Cinco de Mayo fiestas will be fun, festive and colorful.  Menus will include spicy Mexican fare such as fajitas, tamales, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, guacamole along with lots of tortilla chips and salsa.  Classic Cinco de Drinko party beverages will include bottles of cerveza, lots of tequila shots and numerous pitchers of Margaritas, the unofficial “Mexican Champagne.”  Cinco de Mayo party-goers will dance to the sounds of traditional Mexican Mariachi music, Mexican and Latino Pop-Rock, Rancheros and Boleros.  Decorations will include colorful strings of blinking chili pepper light bulbs, piñatas, serape-patterned tablecloths and lots of inflatable jalapeño peppers will create the perfect Cinco de Mayo party ambiance.  Party-goers will don vibrant Cinco de Mayo costumes bathed in hues of red, yellow, turquoise, green purple and my favorite, fuchsia.

If you’re still looking for your Cinco de Mayo outfit check out our selection of funny men’s Cinco de Mayo costumes, sexy ladies’ Cinco de Mayo costumes and cute kids’ Cinco de Mayo costumes. As you can see, these costume choices are definitely festive and fiesta-ready for Cinco de Mayo!


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