Celebrate Earth Day in Costume

On April 22, in recognition of Earth Day, citizens from 140 nations across the globe will engage in a variety of earth-themed events including movies, TV programs, art exhibits, poetry slams, street fairs, outdoor concerts and theatrical performances. The first Earth Day celebration took place 39 years ago and was established for the purpose of honoring our environment. Over the years, Earth Day events have sought to encourage respect for ALL life on earth. Our planet, our home, our Mother Earth needs our help! Can we respond in time? Yes we can, and here’s how:

Every day, do something to stop global warming and reduce your carbon footprint. Turn off non-essential lights, unplug unused electrical gadgets, RECYCLE, conserve water, leave the car at home and walk or ride a bike! Make it fun and join an eco-friendly group like the “Green Grannies,” a group of elderly grandmothers who can be seen riding their bikes through the streets of South Los Angeles, wearing animal-friendly costumes that include a hilarious lost dog costume, a crazy cat costume or a sexy insect costume.  Some of the Grannies ride around with colorful signs that have eco-friendly messages like: Stop Global Warming! Green Jobs Now! Plant a Tree! Now that’s what I call Granny Power!

Lastly, on Earth Day Walt Disney Studios will release Earth, a feature-length nature documentary that chronicles the journeys of four animal families. I’ve seen the promotional trailers and can’t wait to see it! Hopefully you will feel the same. For a quick look at this amazing film, check out the trailer for Earth from YouTube!


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