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Super Caliente Lucha Libre Costumes for Cinco de Mayo

The Mexican Lucha Libre scene is teaming with proud, larger-than-life professional wrestlers known for their high-flying wrestling moves and wacky wrestling outfits. Luchadores can be seen in colorful wrestling costumes topped off with unusual looking masks that add to the wrestlers’ mystique.  In 1942, a silver-masked rookie wrestler, named El Santo (The Saint) jumped into Mexican wrestling history when he won an epic 8-man battle royal wrestling match in Mexico City. His victory earned him folk hero status and from that day forward, throngs of loyal fans watched him wrestle his way to the top, becoming the most popular luchador in Mexico.  No doubt Cinco de Mayo partiers will be dressed in a variety of interesting outfits that vary between traditional Cinco de Mayo costumes and variations of the Lucha Libre-inspired costumes as seen in Jack Black’s hit motion picture Nacho Libre. Here are eight popular Cinco de Mayo costumes and accessories for you to consider:

1. Adult Nacho Libre Costume
2. Kids Zorro Costume
3. Woman’s Sexy Latin Dancer Costume
4. Cinco de Mayo Musical Instruments
5. Adult Mexican Serape Costume
6. Baby Tutti Frutti Costume
7. Adult Carmen Miranda Costume
8. Zorro Dog Costume

For a whimsical look at the Mexican lucha libre scene check out this YouTube video from the popular animated TV cartoon series entitled ¡Mucha Lucha!

Traditional and Hilarious Cinco de Mayo Costumes for the Whole Family

Just as Mexicans from the city of Puebla are preparing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this May 5th, revelers living in Los Angeles, California, are also gearing up to host one of the largest Cinco de Mayo parties on the planet!  Proud Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and fiesta-ready Gringos will celebrate the anniversary of the Mexican army’s defeat over French military forces by eating spicy Mexican dishes while drinking Margaritas and lots of beer!  Burritos, enchiladas, tacos, tortillas, salsa and guacamole will dominate the Cinco de Mayo menu offerings.  Cinco de Mayo partiers will be dressed in a variety of interesting outfits that vary between traditional looks to ridiculously funny Cinco de Mayo costumes.  If you’re still looking for your Cinco de Mayo outfit check out our selection of men’s Cinco de Mayo costumes, sexy Cinco de Mayo costumes for women and cute kids’ Cinco de Mayo costumes.  Cinco de Mayo revelers will dance to the sounds of traditional Mexican mariachi music as well as Mexican and Latino pop-pock.  Of course, there will undoubtedly be one or two Mexican hat dance routines performed.  Here’s a look at a YouTube video that features one of the most hilarious Mexican hat dance routines ever!  The featured dancers are American Idol judge Simon Cowell and Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation seen and heard around the world for her sublime vocal performance on the hit British TV reality show Britain’s Got Talent.

Terminator and Harry Potter Costumes

Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the Terminator series, will hit theaters on May 21, 2009.  An adult John Connor, played by Christian Bale, will lead a human resistance force in a fight for the salvation of mankind.  The villains include Skynet operatives led by intelligent robots and powerful cyborgs that are able to disguise themselves by replicating human flesh and are virtually indestructible.

Lord Voldemort’s wizards and Dumbledore’s Hogwarts crew led by Harry, Hermione and the Muggles return to the big screen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on July 15, 2009.  Moviegoers are eager to see the evil Voldemort and his wizards unleash more of their dark magic on the Hogwarts crew.

For all the film fanatics anxiously awaiting their first taste of these blockbuster movies, we suggest you browse our selection of cyborg masks, Terminator costume accessories and Harry Potter costumes so that you’ll be dressed accordingly for the midnight screenings.

Serious Fuel for Thought

Today is Earth Day and we have some important green suggestions for you to consider.  First, invest in and commit to a greener way of life.  Every day act in ways to protect the environment and heal our planet.  Here are a few ideas: RECYCLE, conserve water, turn off non-essential lights and unplug unused electrical gadgets.  If possible walk, don’t drive, to your destination.  Make it a festive family affair and wear your green costumes proudly.  Think green, be green, act green and celebrate Earth Day every day!

A few days ago, we saw the movie Fuel, an environmentally-themed documentary film about America’s dependence on fossil fuels that is both provocative and insightful.  For a quick look at this amazing film, check out the trailer from YouTube.

Fiesta-Ready Cinco de Mayo Costumes – Olé!

Hey all you Blog fans, it’s almost time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and Gringos alike will get together to celebrate the anniversary of the Mexican army’s defeat over French military forces on May 5th, 1862.  No doubt the upcoming Cinco de Mayo fiestas will be fun, festive and colorful.  Menus will include spicy Mexican fare such as fajitas, tamales, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, guacamole along with lots of tortilla chips and salsa.  Classic Cinco de Drinko party beverages will include bottles of cerveza, lots of tequila shots and numerous pitchers of Margaritas, the unofficial “Mexican Champagne.”  Cinco de Mayo party-goers will dance to the sounds of traditional Mexican Mariachi music, Mexican and Latino Pop-Rock, Rancheros and Boleros.  Decorations will include colorful strings of blinking chili pepper light bulbs, piñatas, serape-patterned tablecloths and lots of inflatable jalapeño peppers will create the perfect Cinco de Mayo party ambiance.  Party-goers will don vibrant Cinco de Mayo costumes bathed in hues of red, yellow, turquoise, green purple and my favorite, fuchsia.

If you’re still looking for your Cinco de Mayo outfit check out our selection of funny men’s Cinco de Mayo costumes, sexy ladies’ Cinco de Mayo costumes and cute kids’ Cinco de Mayo costumes. As you can see, these costume choices are definitely festive and fiesta-ready for Cinco de Mayo!

Celebrate Earth Day in Costume

On April 22, in recognition of Earth Day, citizens from 140 nations across the globe will engage in a variety of earth-themed events including movies, TV programs, art exhibits, poetry slams, street fairs, outdoor concerts and theatrical performances. The first Earth Day celebration took place 39 years ago and was established for the purpose of honoring our environment. Over the years, Earth Day events have sought to encourage respect for ALL life on earth. Our planet, our home, our Mother Earth needs our help! Can we respond in time? Yes we can, and here’s how:

Every day, do something to stop global warming and reduce your carbon footprint. Turn off non-essential lights, unplug unused electrical gadgets, RECYCLE, conserve water, leave the car at home and walk or ride a bike! Make it fun and join an eco-friendly group like the “Green Grannies,” a group of elderly grandmothers who can be seen riding their bikes through the streets of South Los Angeles, wearing animal-friendly costumes that include a hilarious lost dog costume, a crazy cat costume or a sexy insect costume.  Some of the Grannies ride around with colorful signs that have eco-friendly messages like: Stop Global Warming! Green Jobs Now! Plant a Tree! Now that’s what I call Granny Power!

Lastly, on Earth Day Walt Disney Studios will release Earth, a feature-length nature documentary that chronicles the journeys of four animal families. I’ve seen the promotional trailers and can’t wait to see it! Hopefully you will feel the same. For a quick look at this amazing film, check out the trailer for Earth from YouTube!

Familiar Disguises to Fly the Friendly Skies

Imagine how much fun it would be if airlines gave passengers the opportunity to fly to their destination dressed in costume.  Just think of the in-flight mile-high antics that would unfold!  Passengers dressed in every sort of flight-related disguise including sexy flight attendant uniforms, pilot costumes, hilarious vacation disguises and airborne superheroes would rule the friendly skies, if only for a few hours!

Earlier this week we learned about a YouTube video of David Holmes, the Southwest Airlines’ rapping flight attendant.  Prior to this gig he was grounded to his post as a Southwest ramp agent.   David landed his high flyin’ flight attendant position after graduating from flight attendant school seven months ago.  It was during his flight attendant studies that he came up with the idea for his in-flight rapper’s delight.

“I wanted to see if I could translate our instructions into a rap,” Holmes said. “I didn’t know I was going to actually do it on a plane, but the first time I did it, they loved it.”

We definitely loved it as well and hopefully you will too! Take a look at David’s hip-hop safety announcement YouTube debut.

Blockbuster Movie Costumes on a Star Trek from Transformers to X-Men

Three soon-to-be-released blockbuster movies are loaded with action, adventure, mutant superheroes, evil alien beings, transformers and amazing costumes!  In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, scheduled for release on May 1st, Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) returns for another epic big screen adventure that pits mutants against powerful and sinister forces determined to eliminate them!  Star Trek, the epic sci-fi silver screen adventure thriller, teleports into theaters on May 8th.  Hailed as one of the greatest movie adventure series’ of all time, fans will be treated to out-of-this-world escapades from a young Captain James T. Kirk (played by Chris Pine) and the always-rational Mr. Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) on their maiden voyage onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Their mission?  Stop an evil being whose mission of vengeance threatens all of mankind!  On June 24th, actor Shia LaBeouf will re-team with his Autobot superfriends in another big screen battle royal against their sworn enemies the Decepticons.  In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, once again life on planet Earth is at stake! For all the moviegoers eagerly awaiting their first taste of these blockbuster movies, we suggest you browse our selection of X-Men and Star Trek costumes so that you’ll be dressed accordingly for the midnight screenings.  Until then, here’s something for Transformers fans to wrap their heads around: a YouTube video featuring the A-Pod, a transformer-type ant-inspired hexapod robot that must be seen to be believed.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Costume

Cinco de Mayo is the commemoration of Mexico’s victory led by Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over the French forces headed by Napoleon III during the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Cinco de Mayo celebrations and are held throughout Mexico and cities and towns across the Southwestern United States.  Mexican-American families celebrate the occasion by hosting Cinco de Mayo parties and other festivities.  Celebrations include listening and dancing to festive Mariachi music, lots of eating and mucho drinking!

Bailes Folklóricos (folk dances) are celebrations of traditional Latin American dances that emphasize local culture.  Each of the regions in Mexico and the Southwestern United States are known for their home-grown folk dances.  Bailes (dances) are performed during Cinco de Mayo at grand parties or community festivites.  Traditional bailes are characterized by a basic set of steps called zapateados which involve percussive heel-stomping.  Costumed dancers perform elaborate dance routines in pairs or as teams to the jubilant sounds of the Mariachis.  Costumes worn by men at Cinco de Mayo folk dances of Northern Mexico include black trousers, accented with a red tie and belt and a black wide-brimmed hat.  Women’s costumes include brightly colored ruffled skirts trimmed with ribbons, shoes with heavy clog-like heels and ornate hair pieces.  Here are three Cinco de Mayo costume ideas for you to consider:

1. Mexican Mariachi
2. Latin Dancer
3. Spanish Dancer

Preparing for a Season of Angel & Demon Costumes

Stories and images of angels and demons continue to draw out our deepest fears and hopes.  For that reason, angel costumes and demon costumes are always in demand.  There are those who want to show off their angelic side or explore their demonic nature, and for them we have quite the collection of angel costumes, demon masks and devil costumes.   The on-going battle between good angels and evil demons will resume on the big screen May 15, with the much-anticipated release of Angels & Demons.  Accomplished film director Ron Howard once again donned the director’s hat and re-teamed with Tom Hanks, the 2-time Best Actor Oscar winner.  Hanks reprises his role as Professor Robert Langdon to solve another religious mystery involving the Vatican.  The action takes place in and around Vatican City in Rome, where Professor Langdon takes on an ancient and secretive group of sinister scientists called the Illuminati who are engaged in a plot to tear down the Papacy.  For a quick look at this whodunit thriller, check out the trailer for Angels & Demons from YouTube!