Easter Eggs, Bunnies and Costumes – Oh My!

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 12th. Easter Sunday activities include colorful Easter parades, Easter Sunday religious services and the always exciting Easter egg hunt! The anticipation in preparing for an Easter egg hunt can only be matched by the excitement many children experience leading up to and during the actual hunt itself.

Preparations for the Easter egg hunt include selecting a location, choosing decorative crafts and paints for the eggs, boiling the eggs, painting them and then hiding the eggs around the lawn or yard. On Easter Sunday, at least one parent will have to dress as the Easter Bunny during the hunt, requiring them to wear an oversized bunny costume.

As for the children, the fun usually begins at daybreak, when they awaken to find Easter baskets filled with Easter candies and chocolates.  The madcap excitement continues as they get dressed in their favorite Easter Sunday costume.

Get a head start on the festivities.  Pick an outfit for the kids from the following children’s Easter costumes, such as:

1. Rabbit or bunny costume
2. Marshmallow Peep
3. Religious or Biblical figure

And these ever-popular costumes that children always enjoy dressing in:
4. Fairy or Pixie
5. Superhero
6. Princess
7. Pirate


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