A Spider-Man Costume Saves the Day!

This week in Bangkok, Thailand, the desperate pleas of frightened teachers at a special needs school were disregarded by an 8 year-old autistic boy who had crawled out onto the ledge of a 3rd floor window.  Enter Sonchai Yoosabai, a Thai fireman who responded to the emergency call about a boy on a ledge.  Yoosabi overheard the boy’s mother lamenting about her son’s love of comic book superheroes, so he rushed back to the firehouse, donned a  Spider-Man costume that he kept in his locker, and raced back to the school.  He crawled out onto the ledge in his Spidey costume and told the boy that he would keep him safe; hearing these words from a real live spider-clad superhero, the boy lept into Yoosabi’s arms.  When asked why he had a Spider-Man costume, Yoosabi told the excited crowd that it came in handy during fire drills.

This story got me thinking, how many of us regular folk can become a real life superhero? Teachers, nurses, secretaries, bus drivers… take it from me, there’s a superhero inside each of us, anxious to come out! No special training is required; simply order your favorite superhero costume and keep it close by just in case.  Here are eight options for you to check out when it’s your time to swing into action.

Our Superhero Costumes for Women Include:
1. Spider Girl
2. Batgirl
3. Supergirl
4. Wonder Woman

Some Other Popular Men’s Superhero Costumes:
5. Batman
6. Iron Man
7. The Flash
8. The Incredible Hulk

If you want to be prepared for your next emergency call, time is of the essence, so choose your secret identity and be ready to don your superhero costume for a daring rescue!  Oh, and kudos to you Mr. Yoosabi for your bravery and quick thinking!


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