7 Lucky Outfits for a Spring Costume Fling!

Spring, the season of more, is almost here!  It begins in full shortly before noon on Friday, March 20th as the sun positions itself directly over the equator.  The days will get longer and there will be more pretty plants to plant, more green grass to grow and more lawns to mow, along with many more insects – though we’re not looking forward to that quite as much.  It also brings us more time for fun activities like dining al fresco, hosting family picnics, attending outdoor sporting events, dancing at live music concerts and watching theatrical plays staged in the park.  Beginning with April Fools Day on April 1st and followed by Easter on April 12th, May Day on May 1st, Cinco de Mayo on May 5th, and Mother’s Day on May 10th, the numerous opportunities to get in disguise are just around the corner! Below are a few costume suggestions to help you get started.

Amusing April Fools Day Costumes:
1. Nerd, Banana, or Deviled Egg Costume – anything funny for All Fool’s Day
2. Traditional Joker or Court Jester Costume

Easter Costumes for Adults and Kids:
3. Virgin Mary
4. Easter Bunny Accessory Set
5. Religious Figures such as Jesus and Joseph
6. Baby Bunny Rabbit

Combination Spring and Mother’s Day Costume:
7. Sexy Insect Costume

As you can see there are some out of the ordinary costumes, funny costumes, cute costumes and sexy costumes to choose from; so get a jump on it and have a fun Spring costume fling!


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