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A Few Favorite Easter Moments

With Easter Sunday just around the corner, I got to thinking about some of my favorite Easter moments over the years. These fond memories include getting together with my family to decorate the Easter eggs, waking up to find the Easter basket filled with goodies, gazing at Easter lilies in full bloom, a chocolate Easter bunny, dressing up in a festive Easter costume, dancing the Bunny hop at an annual Easter Bunny Sweethearts Dance, Helena my secret Easter fairy, and my number one FAV, the Easter egg hunt! How about you? What are your favorite Easter moments? If you want to make this a memorable Easter season for your family, be sure to paint lots of pretty Easter eggs for the hunt, prepare the Easter baskets with lots of Easter goodies, and choose a festive Easter costume for yourself and the kids.

Get Down With Your Bunny Self

Hey all you eager Easter revelers, here’s an egg-ceptional video we found on YouTube to get you into the Spring holiday state of mind. This dancing rabbit reminds us of the Energizer Bunny because he keeps going and going, even after literally losing his head! For our readers in search of that ideal Easter costume, hop on over to browse our selection and add a few for you or the kids to your (shopping) basket. We’re also happy to report there will be more more videos featured here on our blog, so if you have any other costume-related recommendations from YouTube or elsewhere, tip us off with a comment below.

A Spider-Man Costume Saves the Day!

This week in Bangkok, Thailand, the desperate pleas of frightened teachers at a special needs school were disregarded by an 8 year-old autistic boy who had crawled out onto the ledge of a 3rd floor window.  Enter Sonchai Yoosabai, a Thai fireman who responded to the emergency call about a boy on a ledge.  Yoosabi overheard the boy’s mother lamenting about her son’s love of comic book superheroes, so he rushed back to the firehouse, donned a  Spider-Man costume that he kept in his locker, and raced back to the school.  He crawled out onto the ledge in his Spidey costume and told the boy that he would keep him safe; hearing these words from a real live spider-clad superhero, the boy lept into Yoosabi’s arms.  When asked why he had a Spider-Man costume, Yoosabi told the excited crowd that it came in handy during fire drills.

This story got me thinking, how many of us regular folk can become a real life superhero? Teachers, nurses, secretaries, bus drivers… take it from me, there’s a superhero inside each of us, anxious to come out! No special training is required; simply order your favorite superhero costume and keep it close by just in case.  Here are eight options for you to check out when it’s your time to swing into action.

Our Superhero Costumes for Women Include:
1. Spider Girl
2. Batgirl
3. Supergirl
4. Wonder Woman

Some Other Popular Men’s Superhero Costumes:
5. Batman
6. Iron Man
7. The Flash
8. The Incredible Hulk

If you want to be prepared for your next emergency call, time is of the essence, so choose your secret identity and be ready to don your superhero costume for a daring rescue!  Oh, and kudos to you Mr. Yoosabi for your bravery and quick thinking!

7 Lucky Outfits for a Spring Costume Fling!

Spring, the season of more, is almost here!  It begins in full shortly before noon on Friday, March 20th as the sun positions itself directly over the equator.  The days will get longer and there will be more pretty plants to plant, more green grass to grow and more lawns to mow, along with many more insects – though we’re not looking forward to that quite as much.  It also brings us more time for fun activities like dining al fresco, hosting family picnics, attending outdoor sporting events, dancing at live music concerts and watching theatrical plays staged in the park.  Beginning with April Fools Day on April 1st and followed by Easter on April 12th, May Day on May 1st, Cinco de Mayo on May 5th, and Mother’s Day on May 10th, the numerous opportunities to get in disguise are just around the corner! Below are a few costume suggestions to help you get started.

Amusing April Fools Day Costumes:
1. Nerd, Banana, or Deviled Egg Costume – anything funny for All Fool’s Day
2. Traditional Joker or Court Jester Costume

Easter Costumes for Adults and Kids:
3. Virgin Mary
4. Easter Bunny Accessory Set
5. Religious Figures such as Jesus and Joseph
6. Baby Bunny Rabbit

Combination Spring and Mother’s Day Costume:
7. Sexy Insect Costume

As you can see there are some out of the ordinary costumes, funny costumes, cute costumes and sexy costumes to choose from; so get a jump on it and have a fun Spring costume fling!

Easter Eggs, Bunnies and Costumes – Oh My!

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 12th. Easter Sunday activities include colorful Easter parades, Easter Sunday religious services and the always exciting Easter egg hunt! The anticipation in preparing for an Easter egg hunt can only be matched by the excitement many children experience leading up to and during the actual hunt itself.

Preparations for the Easter egg hunt include selecting a location, choosing decorative crafts and paints for the eggs, boiling the eggs, painting them and then hiding the eggs around the lawn or yard. On Easter Sunday, at least one parent will have to dress as the Easter Bunny during the hunt, requiring them to wear an oversized bunny costume.

As for the children, the fun usually begins at daybreak, when they awaken to find Easter baskets filled with Easter candies and chocolates.  The madcap excitement continues as they get dressed in their favorite Easter Sunday costume.

Get a head start on the festivities.  Pick an outfit for the kids from the following children’s Easter costumes, such as:

1. Rabbit or bunny costume
2. Marshmallow Peep
3. Religious or Biblical figure

And these ever-popular costumes that children always enjoy dressing in:
4. Fairy or Pixie
5. Superhero
6. Princess
7. Pirate

Before You Pick Out a St. Patrick’s Day Costume

St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in the Unites States in Boston in 1737.  St. Patrick (birth name Maewyn), patron Saint of Ireland, was born in Wales AD 385. Maewyn grew up in a small Irish village and was raised by his Pagan family.  At age 16 his village was attacked and raided and he was captured and sold into slavery. During his captivity, he learned about Christianity and grew to love the Christian God. Six years later, he escaped to a monastery where he remained for 12 years.  During this period he began his full immersion into Christianity. He changed his name to Patrick and set out on a mission of converting other Irish pagans to Christianity. He was very successful and shortly thereafter, he was appointed as Ireland’s Bishop. Over the remaining 30 years of his life he traveled across Ireland establishing monasteries, churches and schools. He died on March 17 in AD 461. That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick’s Day.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in the United States on March 17th, 1762 when a group of Irish soldiers marched through New York City.  In 1848, New York Irish aid societies combined their parades into one parade. Today, New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest in the United States and the oldest civilian parade the world over!

Popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions include eating a traditional Irish meal of Irish bacon or corned beef and cabbage, wearing green, listening to Irish folk music and downing large quantities of Irish beer and celebrating with revelers dressed as fairies and leprechauns. Every year, the Chicago River is dyed green! This tradition began in 1962 when Chicago pollution-control workers released 100 pounds of green vegetable dye into the river as a way to celebrate the holiday. The most recognizable symbol of St. Paddy’s Day is the shamrock. According to legend, St. Patrick used the three-leafed clover to explain the holy Christian trinity to his followers.

From my early childhood years, St. Patrick’s Day was one of my favorite Holidays. For the record, my mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Black! Clearly I am not Irish, so my love of St. Patrick’s Day traditions and festivities did seem a bit odd.  Growing up, I loved wearing green clothing, eating green colored cookies and drinking lemonade that was dyed green. Later on in my late teens and early adulthood, I attended St. Patrick’s Day parties dressed in a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt (with much success) and drank lots of green beer and Irish whiskey! It’s been 26 years since the last time I attended a St. Paddy’s Day party or drank green beer, and until recently I was clueless about the history of the holiday.  This year I plan to celebrate by wearing a festive St. Patrick’s Day costume.