24 of Our Favorite Couples Costumes

If you’re eyeing that cutest couples costume prize at an upcoming Valentine’s Day party, then you have to come up with a look that’s sexy, unique, romantic, and unforgettable.  Your costumes should make those who see it want to smile, laugh, or blush and inspire your friends to hug, kiss, pinch, or squeeze tightly.

A great couples costume can be humorous, zany, instantly recognizable, sexy or just flat-out wild.  Here are some of our favorite couples costume pairs:

Cartoon Characters
1. Fred & Wilma Flintstone
2. Barney & Betty Rubble
3. Popeye & Olive Oyl
4. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
5. Homer & Marge Simpson
6. Peter & Lois Griffin from Family Guy
7. Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Star
8. Garfield & Odie
9. Peter Pan & Wendy Darling
10. Shrek & Princess Fiona

Superhero Suggestions
11. Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson
12. Superman & Lois Lane

Memorable Movie Matches
13. Han Solo & Princess Leia
14. Rhett Butler & Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind
15. Aragorn & Arwen of The Lord of the Rings
16. Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson from Grease
17. Austin Powers & Dr. Evil

Classic Couples
18. Adam & Eve
19. Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Funny Pairs
20. Plug & Socket
21. Ketchup & Mustard Bottles
22. Mr. & Mrs. Referee
23. Head Chef & Oven
24. Toga Toga Couple

Whatever couple you choose to dress as, don’t stop with just the bare necessities.  A memorable costume goes the extra mile with the corresponding wig, hat or accessories.  Valentine’s Day only comes once each year; give your fellow partygoers something to remember with an amazing couples disguise that displays both heartfelt affection and your love of costuming!


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