How to Dress for a Luau Party

As you may know, throwing or attending a party with a luau theme is popular for many celebrations. Although its origins are Hawaiian, a luau is a festive concoction of American culture mixed with influences from the Caribbean and the East. This kind of party is always fun and it will keep alive our wonderful vacation memories on the beach, the upbeat music, the breathtaking hula & fire dances, and the flavorsome food, among other sweet memories.

How should you dress for a luau party? While it doesn’t take a great deal of effort, you need to be creative and wear something above and beyond the brightly colored flower printed shirt.

Choose a comfortable costume from the list below:

1. Hula skirt and bikini top

2. Sarong skirt with bikini top

3. Sarong dress

4. Floral island dress

5. Hawaiian shirt/top and shorts

6. Coconut bra and floral/hula skirt

7. Shell bra and grass skirt

8. Flower bra and hula skirt

9. Big Kahuna costume – fat suit, hula skirt and mask

10. Tiki warrior mask

11. Tropical animal costumes

12. Gilligan costume

13. Skipper costume

14. Navy costume

15. Beach bum costume

16. Island Accessories such as leis, headbands/dresses, bracelets, armbands, Polynesian masks, flip-flops with flower design

Don’t be shy or afraid to show off some skin. It’s a tropical party theme so you should look and feel like the sun is hot on your skin.  Women, wear your hair loose and make-up should be light or bronzed. If you attend the luau party as a couple or a group you may want to wear identical or coordinated costumes.  Bring your children along in costume to make it doubly fun. Dress them in identical outfits to what you are wearing and they can be your very own Mini-Me.

Aloha and Happy Costuming!


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