5 Positively Perfect Costume Ideas for Pre-Schoolers

For many parents, the pre-school child is at an ideal age. Too young to be embarrassed by their mom or dad but cute enough to pull off nearly any outfit they wear, costume ideas for pre-schoolers are numerous.  As most pre-school age children are both easy to please and easy to dress, you can outfit them in a costume of your choosing.  Every photograph that comes from these costume moments helps to create cherished memories that will be treasured in the years to follow.

Since the best costume in this case is one that the parent enjoys seeing their child in, the concept “Best Costume” is rather subjective. However, there are some costumes that everyone loves for pre-school age children, and you may find one listed below is exactly what you have been searching for.

Best Costumes for Pre-schoolers

1. Winnie The Pooh – Winnie the Pooh outfits are a great costume look for the Pre-school age child. Winnie the Pooh has long been a classic Disney character costume for children, and for good reason.  Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are downright adorable, while their friends Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore are just as irresistible.

2. The Elegant Princess – Dressing in the regal appearance of a princess, you can easily choose one of the dozens of characters from the numerous collection of Disney films. But the creativity doesn’t have to end there, any long, flowing dress for a child at that age is a superb look. Add a tiara and your child will make a royal entrance whenever she walks (or crawls) into the room.

3. A Debonair Prince – Much like the long list of Disney princesses, there are just as many popular prince characters that you can choose from, or you can easily design a charming costume yourself using some of the more handsome princely materials and fabrics you can get your hands on.  Don’t forget the crown!

4. Animals – In pre-school, your child is about to grow out of the age where dressing as a soft, plushy animal is both appropriate and adorable. This may be your last chance to dress them as a giant hippopotamus or teddy bear before they develop a greater sense of self-awareness. Almost any plush animal will work, but bears, elephants, rhinos and any equally rotund animals make for cuter costumes.

5. Baby Adults – Dressing a pre-school age child as a little adult is always a big hit. Find a little suit, or anything that appears like what they will dress in when they get a little older.  A popular celebrity look will be a hit with other parents, but be careful not to make the costume inappropriate.

When a child is of Pre-school age this may be the last time you can dress them in an outfit that you would like to see them in, rather than the one they want. Take advantage of this opportunity by picking costumes that will create good memories and photographs for family and friends!


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