4 Gift Ideas for Costume Party Hosts

Hosting a costume party can be a lot of work so, when you are invited to one, it’s not unusual to consider buying the host a gift to thank them for the time they spent putting the party together.  Costume parties are, by their very nature, fun and casual. So when you buy a gift for a costume party host, you’re going to want to go with a gift that fits the occasion. Sure, you can give the host a bottle of wine or a bouquet of roses, but those are gifts that you can give on any occasion. For a costume party, you want to give a gift that tells the host that you’re grateful for the opportunity to dress up in disguise with your friends.

Here are our gift ideas for the host of a costume party:

1. Silly String – Why Silly String? A better question is, “Why not Silly String?” Silly String has no purpose yet still yields hours of fun. Pick up a couple of bottles, let the host start spraying the guests and you’ll know your gift was appreciated – at least until the host has to clean the string off the walls and sofa the next morning!

2. A Cape – The host was able to put together this event despite their busy schedule. They are clearly superheroes when it comes to costume party organization. So why not turn them into one? It doesn’t matter how the host is dressed, add a cape and the host gets to use the word “super” to describe their costume/persona. Is the host dressed as an angel? Add a cape and the host is “Super Angel.” Is the host dressed as Freddy Krueger? Add a cape and the host is transformed into “Super Freddy.” Is the host already dressed as a superhero? Then the host has become extra super.

3. Henna Kit – Your host spent hours of their time getting a party ready that is designed to allow people to decorate themselves at their leisure. When the party is over, the gift you got your host will allow him/her to decorate themselves at their leisure as well. This gift is surprisingly practical, because you know by the mere fact that the host planned a costume party that they must be interested in the idea of self decoration. It’s a safe bet that the gift will be a success.

4. Stuffed Animals – Stuffed animals are another potential gift not necessarily meant to make any sense yet they’re still a fantastic gift to costume party hosts. There are many themed teddy bears to choose from, but really any stuffed animal seems to fit the occasion despite having no real reason to do so.

Because costume parties are fun and casual, and rarely meant to be taken seriously, so too are the best gifts fun and casual. The gift does not have to make much sense. It simply needs to be a gift that adheres to the light hearted mood of the party and possibly improves it.  Happy costuming!


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