2 Costume Ideas for Tween Girls

No longer young children and on their way to becoming a teenager, tween girls are as difficult to find a costume for as they are to categorize, since their likes and dislikes change by the minute.

What may be a great costume idea could end up to be a colossal bust, depending on her relationship with friends and whether or not she considers herself older than she actually is. All in all, it’s extremely tough to find a costume that makes your tween happy so here are two costume ideas to get you started.

1. 1950s Costumes
The Grease era has managed to withstand the test of time. The 1950s outfits seen in the movies are adult, girly and the exact opposite of revealing. They are every parent’s dream when it comes to convincing their daughter to dress appropriately for their age and they are unique enough to give the appearance of a complicated costume without using a great deal of material.

2. “Harry Potter” Costumes
It may be his boyish good looks or his little magical charm, but tween girls love Harry Potter. So if you are trying to make your tween girl happy, dress her up as Hermione Granger or Harry Potter himself and there is no doubt your tween will love both her costume as well as you for buying it for her.

1950s and Harry Potter costumes are 2 good ideas to start with.  Now that the ball is rolling, take the next step and ask your tween what costume she wants to dress up in!  You’ll get an honest opinion and open communication like that will ensure that everyone is happy and in agreement with the costumes she wears.


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