15 Funniest Couples Costumes

Attending a Valentine’s Day costume party as a couple might just be more fun than going stag. However, for many prospective partiers, thinking of that perfect costume pair is rather hard work because now you have to decide for two! Sexy costumes are always appropriate for Valentine’s Day but they might be better suited for the bedroom, so why don’t you instead go for what tickles the funny bone?

Here are some suggestions for the funniest amorous costume pairs. Get into character and make your outfit effective with the following:

Animated Mates

1. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – Disney’s romantic rodents are a classic choice.

2. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck – Feathered friends…and maybe a little more, these two are another ideal Disney duo.

3. Shrek and Princess Fiona – The unlikely royal pair.  Also a viable option is Shrek and Donkey, depending on your orientation of course.

4. Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Starfish – You just need a yellow box dressed up with a shirt and tie plus short pants and black shoes for Spongebob. For Patrick? A pink suit.

5. Popeye and Olive Oyl – Sailor suit with pipe for Popeye but don’t forget the anchor tattoo on his arm. Turtle neck sweater and skirt for Olive plus hair parted in the middle worn in pigtails.

Animal Magnetism

6. King Kong and Ann Darrow – The blonde bombshell has just what it takes to tame the giant ape.

7. Beauty and the Beast – Their love affair began as an 18th century fairytale and hasn’t wavered for nearly 300 years.

Insects Appeal

8. Rose & Bee – Practice safe pollination!

Kitchen Combinations

9. Spoon & Fork – See what happens when you mix utensils in the silverware drawer?

10. Ketchup & Mustard – Condiments that complement one another perfectly

11. Salt & Pepper – Spice up any Valentine’s Day party with these titillating toppings

12. Bacon & Egg – Breakfast in bed anyone?

Hardware from the Heart

13. Nut & Bolt – Screwing around may be inevitable in this ensemble!

14. Lock & Key – Unlock your partner’s secret fantasies

15. Plug & Socket – Recharge the libido in your love life

As you can see, there are plenty of funny costume pairs to choose from.  This Valentine’s Day try one on for size and watch Cupid’s arrow hit its mark.


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