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How to Dress for a Luau Party

As you may know, throwing or attending a party with a luau theme is popular for many celebrations. Although its origins are Hawaiian, a luau is a festive concoction of American culture mixed with influences from the Caribbean and the East. This kind of party is always fun and it will keep alive our wonderful vacation memories on the beach, the upbeat music, the breathtaking hula & fire dances, and the flavorsome food, among other sweet memories.

How should you dress for a luau party? While it doesn’t take a great deal of effort, you need to be creative and wear something above and beyond the brightly colored flower printed shirt.

Choose a comfortable costume from the list below:

1. Hula skirt and bikini top

2. Sarong skirt with bikini top

3. Sarong dress

4. Floral island dress

5. Hawaiian shirt/top and shorts

6. Coconut bra and floral/hula skirt

7. Shell bra and grass skirt

8. Flower bra and hula skirt

9. Big Kahuna costume – fat suit, hula skirt and mask

10. Tiki warrior mask

11. Tropical animal costumes

12. Gilligan costume

13. Skipper costume

14. Navy costume

15. Beach bum costume

16. Island Accessories such as leis, headbands/dresses, bracelets, armbands, Polynesian masks, flip-flops with flower design

Don’t be shy or afraid to show off some skin. It’s a tropical party theme so you should look and feel like the sun is hot on your skin.  Women, wear your hair loose and make-up should be light or bronzed. If you attend the luau party as a couple or a group you may want to wear identical or coordinated costumes.  Bring your children along in costume to make it doubly fun. Dress them in identical outfits to what you are wearing and they can be your very own Mini-Me.

Aloha and Happy Costuming!

2 Costume Ideas for Tween Girls

No longer young children and on their way to becoming a teenager, tween girls are as difficult to find a costume for as they are to categorize, since their likes and dislikes change by the minute.

What may be a great costume idea could end up to be a colossal bust, depending on her relationship with friends and whether or not she considers herself older than she actually is. All in all, it’s extremely tough to find a costume that makes your tween happy so here are two costume ideas to get you started.

1. 1950s Costumes
The Grease era has managed to withstand the test of time. The 1950s outfits seen in the movies are adult, girly and the exact opposite of revealing. They are every parent’s dream when it comes to convincing their daughter to dress appropriately for their age and they are unique enough to give the appearance of a complicated costume without using a great deal of material.

2. “Harry Potter” Costumes
It may be his boyish good looks or his little magical charm, but tween girls love Harry Potter. So if you are trying to make your tween girl happy, dress her up as Hermione Granger or Harry Potter himself and there is no doubt your tween will love both her costume as well as you for buying it for her.

1950s and Harry Potter costumes are 2 good ideas to start with.  Now that the ball is rolling, take the next step and ask your tween what costume she wants to dress up in!  You’ll get an honest opinion and open communication like that will ensure that everyone is happy and in agreement with the costumes she wears.

15 Funniest Couples Costumes

Attending a Valentine’s Day costume party as a couple might just be more fun than going stag. However, for many prospective partiers, thinking of that perfect costume pair is rather hard work because now you have to decide for two! Sexy costumes are always appropriate for Valentine’s Day but they might be better suited for the bedroom, so why don’t you instead go for what tickles the funny bone?

Here are some suggestions for the funniest amorous costume pairs. Get into character and make your outfit effective with the following:

Animated Mates

1. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse – Disney’s romantic rodents are a classic choice.

2. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck – Feathered friends…and maybe a little more, these two are another ideal Disney duo.

3. Shrek and Princess Fiona – The unlikely royal pair.  Also a viable option is Shrek and Donkey, depending on your orientation of course.

4. Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Starfish – You just need a yellow box dressed up with a shirt and tie plus short pants and black shoes for Spongebob. For Patrick? A pink suit.

5. Popeye and Olive Oyl – Sailor suit with pipe for Popeye but don’t forget the anchor tattoo on his arm. Turtle neck sweater and skirt for Olive plus hair parted in the middle worn in pigtails.

Animal Magnetism

6. King Kong and Ann Darrow – The blonde bombshell has just what it takes to tame the giant ape.

7. Beauty and the Beast – Their love affair began as an 18th century fairytale and hasn’t wavered for nearly 300 years.

Insects Appeal

8. Rose & Bee – Practice safe pollination!

Kitchen Combinations

9. Spoon & Fork – See what happens when you mix utensils in the silverware drawer?

10. Ketchup & Mustard – Condiments that complement one another perfectly

11. Salt & Pepper – Spice up any Valentine’s Day party with these titillating toppings

12. Bacon & Egg – Breakfast in bed anyone?

Hardware from the Heart

13. Nut & Bolt – Screwing around may be inevitable in this ensemble!

14. Lock & Key – Unlock your partner’s secret fantasies

15. Plug & Socket – Recharge the libido in your love life

As you can see, there are plenty of funny costume pairs to choose from.  This Valentine’s Day try one on for size and watch Cupid’s arrow hit its mark.

4 Gift Ideas for Costume Party Hosts

Hosting a costume party can be a lot of work so, when you are invited to one, it’s not unusual to consider buying the host a gift to thank them for the time they spent putting the party together.  Costume parties are, by their very nature, fun and casual. So when you buy a gift for a costume party host, you’re going to want to go with a gift that fits the occasion. Sure, you can give the host a bottle of wine or a bouquet of roses, but those are gifts that you can give on any occasion. For a costume party, you want to give a gift that tells the host that you’re grateful for the opportunity to dress up in disguise with your friends.

Here are our gift ideas for the host of a costume party:

1. Silly String – Why Silly String? A better question is, “Why not Silly String?” Silly String has no purpose yet still yields hours of fun. Pick up a couple of bottles, let the host start spraying the guests and you’ll know your gift was appreciated – at least until the host has to clean the string off the walls and sofa the next morning!

2. A Cape – The host was able to put together this event despite their busy schedule. They are clearly superheroes when it comes to costume party organization. So why not turn them into one? It doesn’t matter how the host is dressed, add a cape and the host gets to use the word “super” to describe their costume/persona. Is the host dressed as an angel? Add a cape and the host is “Super Angel.” Is the host dressed as Freddy Krueger? Add a cape and the host is transformed into “Super Freddy.” Is the host already dressed as a superhero? Then the host has become extra super.

3. Henna Kit – Your host spent hours of their time getting a party ready that is designed to allow people to decorate themselves at their leisure. When the party is over, the gift you got your host will allow him/her to decorate themselves at their leisure as well. This gift is surprisingly practical, because you know by the mere fact that the host planned a costume party that they must be interested in the idea of self decoration. It’s a safe bet that the gift will be a success.

4. Stuffed Animals – Stuffed animals are another potential gift not necessarily meant to make any sense yet they’re still a fantastic gift to costume party hosts. There are many themed teddy bears to choose from, but really any stuffed animal seems to fit the occasion despite having no real reason to do so.

Because costume parties are fun and casual, and rarely meant to be taken seriously, so too are the best gifts fun and casual. The gift does not have to make much sense. It simply needs to be a gift that adheres to the light hearted mood of the party and possibly improves it.  Happy costuming!

6 Sports Costumes That Will Score a Touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday

With the NFL post season in play, it’s time to plan your Super Bowl viewing costume party. This year’s Super Bowl Sunday festivities will burst on to your TV screens February 1st. The National Football League’s AFC Champions will clash with the NFC Champions, for the Vince Lombardi Trophy and bragging rites to the title of NFL Champion. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will rock out during the much anticipated Halftime Show.

For TV viewers everywhere, particularly those who only watch football during the Super Bowl telecast, watching the Super Bowl commercials is a major highlight of the day. Add to the madcap fun of your Super Bowl party by donning a sports costume. We have a great selection of adult football costumes and child football costume options you can choose from.

Four Costume Suggestions For The Women Include:

1. The Sexy Football Cheerleader Costume. Dressed in this crowd favorite teaser, you can support your team in and out of the end zone!

2. What guy doesn’t want to see his girl dressed in the Sexy Ravishing Referee Costume?

3. Who says only the NFL pros can make it all the way down field on Super Bowl Sunday? The Football Player Girl Costume will earn you lots of points on Super Sunday!

4. Go Team Go! Our final sexy sports costume suggestion is the super hot Sexy Varsity Cheerleader Costume. This outfit is sure to keep your Super Bowl party guests excited and on-edge into overtime!

There’s nothing quite as cute as the wee little ones dressed in a football costume. Two costume suggestions for the tiniest football fans include:

5/6. The Touch Down Bunting Costume and the little referee-to-be, the Foul Ball Bunting Costume.

Make this year’s Super Bowl viewing party unforgettable! Take lots of photos and create enough memories to carry you through the lackluster months with no NFL football games.

12 Superb Costumes for When Valentine’s Day & Mardi Gras Revelers Collide!

Don’t confuse Carnival and Mardi Gras! Carnival refers to the period of feasting and fun that begins on January 6th, The Feast of the Epiphany: also known as the Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day.  Mardi Gras refers to Fat Tuesday, the final day of revelry before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. Centered in the grand city of New Orleans, the 2009 Mardi Gras season will include a total of 53 parades that begin on January 30th and conclude on “Fat Tuesday,” on February 24th. The Mardi Gras Sequin Feather Mask and the Mardi Gras Tall Feather Mask are popular costume masks worn during the season.

Organizations known as Mardi Gras “Krewes” plan and stage parades throughout the season to celebrate Mardi Gras. Typically, a “krewe” is named in honor of figures from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology; some “krewes” are named after the neighborhood where they hold their parade. The Nile Goddess Costume and the Nile God Costume is an ideal pair of Mardi Gras costumes for couples.

The ranking structure of a Mardi Gras “krewe” is a parody of royalty including a King, a Queen, Dukes, Knights and Captains. Elaborate Mardi Gras costumes draped in the official Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold are worn by “krewe” members during their parade. Each parade “krewe” chooses a theme that is reflected in their colorful costumes and flamboyant floats. Color coordinated Mardi Gras costumes may include the Sexy Cha Cha Girl Costume or the Big Daddy Costume.

In addition to the parades and elegant costume balls, other traditions include:  selecting the “Queen of Mardi Gras,” “the King of the Cake” and the “King of Carnival.”  Possible costumes may include the Sexy Marie Antoinette Costume or the Masquerade Party Queen Costume.

This year, seven “krewes” are slated to stage parades on Valentine’s Day! Each parade will take place in a different location around New Orleans. Sexy Mardi Gras revelers dressed in the Greek Goddess Costume paired with studs dressed in an Spartan Soldier Costume will be celebrating side by side with sweethearts in sexy Valentine’s Day costumes. Perspective costumes may include the Sexy Ruffle Briefs, and the Sugar Bear Pimp Costume.

Can you imagine that scene?!

5 Positively Perfect Costume Ideas for Pre-Schoolers

For many parents, the pre-school child is at an ideal age. Too young to be embarrassed by their mom or dad but cute enough to pull off nearly any outfit they wear, costume ideas for pre-schoolers are numerous.  As most pre-school age children are both easy to please and easy to dress, you can outfit them in a costume of your choosing.  Every photograph that comes from these costume moments helps to create cherished memories that will be treasured in the years to follow.

Since the best costume in this case is one that the parent enjoys seeing their child in, the concept “Best Costume” is rather subjective. However, there are some costumes that everyone loves for pre-school age children, and you may find one listed below is exactly what you have been searching for.

Best Costumes for Pre-schoolers

1. Winnie The Pooh – Winnie the Pooh outfits are a great costume look for the Pre-school age child. Winnie the Pooh has long been a classic Disney character costume for children, and for good reason.  Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are downright adorable, while their friends Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore are just as irresistible.

2. The Elegant Princess – Dressing in the regal appearance of a princess, you can easily choose one of the dozens of characters from the numerous collection of Disney films. But the creativity doesn’t have to end there, any long, flowing dress for a child at that age is a superb look. Add a tiara and your child will make a royal entrance whenever she walks (or crawls) into the room.

3. A Debonair Prince – Much like the long list of Disney princesses, there are just as many popular prince characters that you can choose from, or you can easily design a charming costume yourself using some of the more handsome princely materials and fabrics you can get your hands on.  Don’t forget the crown!

4. Animals – In pre-school, your child is about to grow out of the age where dressing as a soft, plushy animal is both appropriate and adorable. This may be your last chance to dress them as a giant hippopotamus or teddy bear before they develop a greater sense of self-awareness. Almost any plush animal will work, but bears, elephants, rhinos and any equally rotund animals make for cuter costumes.

5. Baby Adults – Dressing a pre-school age child as a little adult is always a big hit. Find a little suit, or anything that appears like what they will dress in when they get a little older.  A popular celebrity look will be a hit with other parents, but be careful not to make the costume inappropriate.

When a child is of Pre-school age this may be the last time you can dress them in an outfit that you would like to see them in, rather than the one they want. Take advantage of this opportunity by picking costumes that will create good memories and photographs for family and friends!

Wearing a Heart on Your Sleeve: 10 Valentine’s Day Costume Ideas

Much like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays, Valentine’s Day is often celebrated in costume.  Countries around the world have their own unique traditions to mark this day as a tribute to love and romance. Traditionally, this includes gifting such items as bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, romantic candlelit dinners, and exchanging Valentine cards. There is just so much love in the air on Valentine’s Day!

It is also customary to host Sweet Valentine parties. As you can see, costumed gatherings are not out of the question, though some may just want to dress in shades of red without attending an event. Others would like to give their special someone a little something extra to remember and will choose to wear a skimpy and seductive outfit.  To help you select the right look, here are some costume ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. Cupid – The mythological Roman god of love whose bow and arrows make unsuspecting couples fall in love when they pierce the heart.

2. Aphrodite – The Ancient Greek goddess of love & beauty

3. The Love Bug – Pick between either a red lady bug costume or the more esoteric 1963 Volkswagen Beetle costume.

4. Queen of Hearts – The ruthless ruler from Alice in Wonderland whose punishment is swift and permanent.  You can also dress as a playing card from the hearts suit.

5. A Chocolate Costume – Any of the following will make your sweetheart melt in your hands.  Try on a Life Sized Chocolate Bunny suit, a Box of Valentine chocolates or an oversized Hershey Kiss in red foil.

6. Bouquet of Roses – Use artificial red roses attached to a dress or leotards to make sure the outfit looks good after a few hours (the petals won’t fall off this way).  A Rose Tattoo couldn’t hurt either…unless you touch one of the thorns!

7. Red Alert – A sexy red dress, suit, or smoking jacket complete with red shoes and accessories will always work on Valentine’s Day.

8. A Kissing Booth – This look should guarantee you at least one peck throughout the night.

9. Pair of Big Red Lips – Also good for attending a Rolling Stones concert.

10. Big Red Heart – If you make this out of foam you can give affectionately people a piece of your heart.  Available as a prop as well.

You can also honor the love of couples throughout time with costume pairings such as Adam & Eve, Romeo & Juliet, Marc Antony & Cleopatra, Pocahontas & John Smith, Rhett Butler & Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind, the Medieval love triangle of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere & Sir Lancelot, or Jack & Rose from Titanic, among other famous flames.