Santa’s Top 10 Sexiest Christmas Costumes

There’s definitely a bit of sexy organic chemistry at play around Christmas time. Organic chemistry, defined as the scientific study of carbon based compounds from natural living things, helps to determine the chemical properties that cause us to feel sexual attraction. The spontaneous response to a woman dressed in a sexy Holiday costume has its own set of chemical properties that are specific and individualized. After a rare interview with Kris Kringle himself, Santa Claus, here are his picks of the sexiest Christmas costumes sure to heat up a chilly winter night:

Santa’s Sexiest Muses

1. Sexy Santa Claus Costume – This Christmas costume makes you wonder what the real temperature at the North Pole is! A sexy Holiday costume that includes a bikini top, belted garter and g-string…Oh my, what a sexy Santa!

2. Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume – You’ll get everything you want this Christmas season dressed in this sexy playful outfit. Costume includes a super hot stretch red velvet dress with a drop-waist. The laces up side ribbons accent the mini dress, and faux fur trims the neckline and skirt hem. The black Santa belt has an eye-catching official Playboy logo rabbit head buckle. The boot cuffs have white faux fur accents, and the red velvet Santa hat has white trim with a white pom pom.

3. Sexy Missy Claus Costume – This sexy low cut Christmas costume includes a crushed velvet dress with plush velvet detailing with a tie up front, and sexy striped Holiday stockings.

4. Sexy Missy Claus Holiday Dress Costume – This short sexy Christmas costume includes this velvet dress with plush detailing that has underwire support with lace up front trim.

5. Santa Claus Striped Thigh Highs – This accessory is a revealing pair of sexy striped Holiday style stockings with buckle top. Shh…I’ll tell you a secret, Santa’s girlfriend wears these stockings while working in Santa’s workshop!

Santa’s Sexiest Helpers

6. Sexy Santa’s Helper Costume – Don’t forget to prepare a batch of chocolate chip cookies and glasses of milk for Santa Claus and his sexy helpers! This seductive Holiday costume includes a sexy Christmas inspired camisole and panty set.

7. Sexy Christmas Elf Costume – Have you chosen your character for the holiday party? No matter how you answer this question, you should consider this sexy elf costume. The shamelessly sultry Christmas elf costume includes a hat, dress bells attached to scalloped bottom, belt and striped stockings. Looks like Santa’s workshop is a whole lotta fun!

8. Sexy Hooded Santa Claus Costume Jacket – Keep warm at the North Pole in this Uber-Sexy belted jacket with hood. On Christmas, show up dressed in this Holiday costume and bells will definitely start jingling!

9. Sexy Eskimo Costume – Melt the ice caps in this toasty North Pole costume! A super sexy leg-revealing Holiday inspired costume with zip front, it’s made of stretchy crushed velvet like material. The mini dress has a faux fur trim and a hood with pom pom ties. Made of poly-acrylic and nylon, this sexy Christmas costume includes faux fur trimmed mittens and boot covers that slide over your shoes, and a fake Fudgsicle to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Santa’s Sexy Alter Ego

10. The Hugh Hefner Santa Jacket Costume – Santa Claus and Hugh Hefner, a fitting combination of two men that have it all! This soft and comfy red velvet jacket will make a great Christmas costume for the dapper Dude. The jacket has a full black lining stitched inside. The faux fur shawl collar and arm cuff trim is white. A Playboy logo is embroidered on the back of the jacket, and includes the satin Playboy rabbit head. This fun and sexy Holiday costume includes a matching Santa hat and costume pipe. Pair this with the Playboy Sexy Mrs. Claus costume for a great look and a great time!

These are jolly Ole St. Nick’s ten sexiest Christmas costume choices; what are yours?


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