It’s Time for Your Check-Up: 10 Distinguished Doctor Disguises

Like it or not, planning to attend a costume party has the potential to be traumatic for both adults and kids. How can a fun activity like dressing up in costume lead some to become stressed out? Well, choosing an outfit that tries to beat what you wore last time around can be quite difficult. Imagine being 10 years old and hearing what your friends and classmates are planning to wear and not having any cool or innovative ideas of your own to top them. The same thing happens to adults who can be tagged as boring and unimaginative because of a standard vampire or basic Elvis Presley costume. However, whether you are 9 or 99 years old, you can always dress up in the respected style of a doctor.

While you might think that a doctor has only one look, that’s selling the appearance short. Ideas for doctor costumes are actually rather plentiful, including a variety of traditional medical clothing such as:

1. A Surgical Gown, Cap and Mask combination

2. Hospital Uniform (Green, Blue or any other color)

3. Scrub Uniform

4. Medical Gown or Coat with Stethoscope

5. Isolation gown, head dress and mask

These are only some of the standard possibilities. Choose from the different types of doctors such as a surgeon or pediatrician, among others and add the appropriate accessories. Even without going to medical school, you can be a brain surgeon or the morbid profession of coroner.  Of course, our suggestion is to add some pizzazz and a little touch of horror to the typical doctor ensemble, becoming:

6. Zombie Doctor – The typical costume with bloody and gory props for effect

7. Mad Doctor – Hair raised or spiked, oversized eyeglasses and dark make-up especially around the eyes

8. Medieval Doctor – The look should be like that of a druid with long and flowing robes with totes or bags as props and gruesome surgical tools.

9. Army Doctor – Wear camouflage fatigues with your doctor outfit

10. Famous Movie or Television Doctor Characters. – Some popular fictional TV doctors include Doogie Howser, Doctor Zhivago, Dr. Quinn of Dr Quinn-Medicine Woman, Dr. House M.D., the Grey’s Anatomy cast including Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. “McDreamy” Shepherd, the cast of ER (particularly George Clooney’s Dr. Ross), the cast of Private Practice, Nip/Tuck, or the classic soap opera General Hospital, to name a few.

As you can see, it doesn’t take brain surgery to dress up as a doctor; just inject a little creativity into your costume and you’ll get a clean bill of health along with the admiration of the other party guests.


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